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Just bought a Brora fairisle cardigan and is ..rough can I soften it?

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Gannetseatfish Fri 04-Sep-20 14:10:56

It’s probably the most expensive item of clothing I’ve ever bought but I just fell in love with the colours. Received it today and is beautiful but because it’s pure wool it’s a bit scratchy. Way too rough for wearing next to the skin or with delicate fabrics. Anyone got any tips for softening it?

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CatBatCat Fri 04-Sep-20 15:19:46

Shit ton of hair conditioner. Whole bottle of the cheap stuff in a bath with some warm (not at all hot) water. Leave to soak, don't swish it around. quick rinse with cold water and drain. Don't wring it, but lay it flat on a towel and roll up. Leave flat to dry - somewhere warm or breezy so it can dry quickly.

Footle Fri 04-Sep-20 16:44:47

The rinsing water should be the same temperature as the washing water, otherwise you risk felting your garment.

Buggedandconfused Fri 04-Sep-20 16:48:45

Send it back. Way too expensive to not be soft!

JofraArchersFastestBall Fri 04-Sep-20 17:00:15

I agree. Not worth the risk of felting it. Something expensive should be perfect for you.

Gannetseatfish Fri 04-Sep-20 17:15:36

I think you might be right it may have to be returned..,.if you don’t love it and all that!

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thedevilinablackdress Fri 04-Sep-20 18:36:17

I find that some wool just doesn't work right next to the skin for most people. Merino and cashmere can be ok, but not lambswool.

ZaraW Fri 04-Sep-20 19:13:55

If you love it just put a layering tshirt underneath.

JoyceByersWasRight Fri 04-Sep-20 20:50:48

Proper fairisle jumpers are often made of shetland wool which has the characteristic of having fibres that are slightly prickly against the skin but make a strong bond for the different colours used. Traditionally, they are not intended to be worn next to the skin but over a shirt or vest. If you can't get on with it send it back, you'll never wear it no matter how beautiful it is.

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