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Stylish autumn jacket

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ChooksAndBooks Fri 04-Sep-20 10:20:41

I have a practical light raincoat and many warm hoodies and things for dog walking, but I don't have a jacket that I could wear if I was going shopping or out for a meal.

Can anyone recommend anything?

I'm 5 ft 3 and pear shaped.

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ChooksAndBooks Sun 06-Sep-20 19:14:16


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Beebumble2 Sun 06-Sep-20 19:52:44

I don’t know what your budget is, but for those occasions I would wear a leather jacket. They can be dressed up or down and usually get better with age.

fiorentina Sun 06-Sep-20 20:52:00

Shopping have you thought of a shacket/wool shirt? Lots of those around this season and they can be very handy.
For dinner I usually wear a leather jacket or maybe a smart casual blazer depending upon the venue?
I do also have a couple of trench coats but as I wear them to work tend not to for casual as I like to keep wardrobe separate!

Gillybobs Sun 06-Sep-20 22:24:06

Something like this would be really versatile and cosy

MaverickDanger Sun 06-Sep-20 22:27:32

Definitely a wool shirt or blazer.

I love the one Gillybobs has linked, or Mango/Topshop have done slightly cheaper versions in recent years - not wool though.

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