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Best liner for waterline/tightlining

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AhFiddledeedee Thu 03-Sep-20 19:43:15

No matter what pencil I get, I inevitably seem to get smudges under my eyes.

So many times I've been in the work bathroom trying to clean up under my eyes and people ask if I'm ok (they think I'm crying rubbing tissue under my eyes!)

I'd heard good things about Stila Kadal pencil for being budget proof. But it's the same story.

I've tried so many brands, those that claim to be waterproof and budgeproof.

I get on generally ok with liquid liner, but I like the effect of tightlining with a pencil, but it just looks so crap after a few hours.


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AhFiddledeedee Thu 03-Sep-20 19:44:08

*budge proof not budget proof!

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peaceanddove Thu 03-Sep-20 20:35:52

You need the Laura Mercier Cake Tight Liner. Apply with a fine brush, really working it into the base of your upper lashes, from underneath. Try not to blink for as long as you can while it sets, and it doesn't budge all day.

Anon22 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:08:47

I have tried just about every pencil I can think of and they all smudge, I think it is my oily eyelids. I've had most success with Laura Mercier Cake tightener as above, I apply using a flat liner brush. But I have to make sure I get the consistency right.

I have also used just a dark eyeshadow, "scrubbed" into the base of my lashes, which gives a softer look. If I'm in a rush I sometimes use tubing mascara on a flat liner brush as tightener as my eyes are watery as well as being oily.

RiskIt4Biscuit Thu 03-Sep-20 21:30:21

I just use a dark eyeshadow and a brush like the Mac 212.
LM cake liner is okay, but I only use it as a traditional eyeliner, rather than tightlining.

Most eyeliners smudge on me. This one has been good for both tightlining and as traditional eyeliner though:

TryingnottobeWaynettaSlob Thu 03-Sep-20 21:34:41

Trish McEvoy gel eyeliner in Deep Aubergine 👌

maisythehorse Thu 03-Sep-20 21:47:19

I like the retractable ones, revlon do a good skinny one, also catrice ones are also good.

Sasuma Fri 04-Sep-20 09:04:51

I like this one

violetbunny Fri 04-Sep-20 11:33:42

The Chanel waterproof eyeliner pencils are great. The Trish McEvoy ones mentioned are also excellent although don't come in as many colours. The Laura Mercier tightline ones smudge on me, I have more than one colour but they all smudge. (I do have oily skin though)

QueenPaws Fri 04-Sep-20 13:12:20

Marc Jacobs highliner lasts great on me

Elllllle Fri 04-Sep-20 13:21:28

I had high hopes for the marc jacobs highliner but it smudged as soon as I touched my eyes

Wildwood6 Fri 04-Sep-20 14:09:58

I use this Stila Stay All Day eyeliner, which comes in a pen. I'm not sure its designed for tightlining, but it doesn't budge!

Beemills Fri 04-Sep-20 18:42:26

I also use the Chanel eye liner pencil

quarentini Fri 04-Sep-20 21:27:13

Double wear black eyeliner

AhFiddledeedee Wed 09-Sep-20 20:22:21

Thank you for your responses everyone. I've got a few to try out now. Just have to tell myself to use up what I have before buying more!!

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