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The annual jeans/footwear combo confusion starts again

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bendmeoverbackwards Thu 03-Sep-20 18:52:55

I always struggle with this!

So - skinny jeans are easy - tuck into boots.

Other jean shapes that are cropped or can be turned up - also ok with boots or trainers.

What about full length straight leg jeans? Boots don't work. Are trainers ok? What about socks with them, trainer socks or normal ankle socks?

Tips please?

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Caralinda Thu 03-Sep-20 19:48:15

When I don’t want bare ankles any more, I switch to straight leg jeans with lace up boots, they’re tight enough to sit under the jeans. Sometimes wear the jeans slightly cropped too, and still don’t get chilly ankles.

Bagelsandbrie Thu 03-Sep-20 19:52:08

I thought we were now supposed to roll up skinny jeans so they “kiss” the top of the boot...? It’s all a lot of wankery isn’t it. I have no idea what’s good or not anymore. I mainly wear straight legs slightly rolled up with boots or trainers.

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 19:54:44

I think with wider leg, cropped flare and even just a straight leg jean it needs to be a tighter boot underneath - so a narrow opening, and I generally thing a slight heel looks better. I also think it needs to go slightly higher up the leg - past the ankle bone. Either a slim ankle boot with a heel or a heeled lace up I would think would work.

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 19:55:12

Or these?

Neolara Thu 03-Sep-20 19:59:00

If the very beautiful women in those photos look that awful wearing in that style of jeans, it's not a look to be persued imo.

Smallsteps88 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:59:53

Gosh all those look horrendous even on the models @Sasuma they’d look a million times worse on your average woman.

I don’t know the answer OP. I’m wearing looser leg jeans rolled up and will be wearing them with DMs or converse boots when it gets colder.

Neolara Thu 03-Sep-20 19:59:57

Second set of photos better than first lot.

Sophoa Thu 03-Sep-20 20:00:34

@Neolara I think they look brilliant

Smallsteps88 Thu 03-Sep-20 20:01:18


Second set of photos better than first lot.

Agree last photo (Black Boots) looks ok and is kind of what I’m planning except I’m nowhere near as skinny!

LouisBalfour Thu 03-Sep-20 20:01:42

I would never tuck jeans into boots - it's naff. I'd turn up full-length jeans so they ^didn't" tuck in.

maverickallthetime Thu 03-Sep-20 20:03:15

I hate cold ankles so don't want to turn up!!!

bendmeoverbackwards Thu 03-Sep-20 20:08:00

I think the photos look good, shows how much I know!

So it looks like full length jeans are a no-no?

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hammeringinmyhead Thu 03-Sep-20 20:13:33

I don't buy full length jeans for this reason. I go with skinnies (tight ones) inside taller ankle boots - Dr Martens height.

Beachlovingirl Thu 03-Sep-20 20:14:38

What about an ankle grazer straight leg jeans with boots that are higher up the ankle and sit nice and flush. And nice long socks that you can’t see, but stop the chilly ankle thing? But when I sit down on my straight leg ankle grazer jeans they ride up - hello socks. confused

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 20:20:42

I liked those ones I shared! Horses for courses and all that but I think the women in those photos look good, and I like the ankle boots and jeans combo grin

JofraArchersFastestBall Thu 03-Sep-20 20:20:46

I'm by no means up to date with fashion, but I'm wearing straight jeans (see the Levi 501s thread!)- either slightly cropped or rolled to just above ankle length - with lace up Dr Martens or Solovair dealer (Chelsea) boots.

Such a joy to get the boots back out - I do love autumn!

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 20:22:17

@Neolara @Smallsteps88 could you share some photos of how you’d wear jeans and what footwear for autumn/winter? Genuinely interested to see alternatives to the ideas I shared.

Smallsteps88 Thu 03-Sep-20 20:26:45


*@Neolara* @Smallsteps88 could you share some photos of how you’d wear jeans and what footwear for autumn/winter? Genuinely interested to see alternatives to the ideas I shared.

The photo @JofraArchersFastestBall has posted is exactly as I wear them. I’m a bit shorter and more “rotund” than the model in that photo though grin

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 20:33:51

@Smallsteps88 yeah I do like that too - I have some cherry DMs and have worn them with straight blue leg jeans. But for me that’s more of a casual Sunday walk with the dog look and not something I’d wear for other things. I’d wear jeans with slightly heeled boots and a nice jumper with a coat for going out for lunch or similar in the winter (more like the pics I linked to). I’m tall at 5 ft 10 and a size 8 and feel it suits me! Feel like a bit of a clown sometimes with my DMs (tall=bigger feet...) blush

XingMing Thu 03-Sep-20 20:35:02

I think jeans have suddenly begun to look right a bit longer than ankle length, so it looks better when jeans kiss the instep on the shoe again. It's better for autumn/winter weather. Who wants chilly ankles? Or hems that drag in puddles?

Smallsteps88 Thu 03-Sep-20 20:37:00

Ahh you have the frame to carry it then! @Sasuma. I most certainly would look like a clown grin

Sasuma Thu 03-Sep-20 20:38:11

Here’s some maybe better examples of what I’m talking about on Jeanne Damas.

Nackajory Thu 03-Sep-20 20:38:29

Do what looks best on you and fuck anyone else. It's a load of pretentious wankery designed to make us feel insecure about ourselves. It feeds one-upmanship and a false sense of superiority. Don't be a fashion sheep. Really, who cares? Be yourself.

LoveBeingAMum555 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:08:36

After years of skinnies I have just bought a pair of wide legged slightly cropped jeans and they are so comfortable. I am not tall but they work with a pair of favourite long boots and make me feel really good. I just have to ignore my son asking what happened to the rest of my trousers.

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