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White trainers

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Baxdream Wed 02-Sep-20 16:55:12

I'm after some decent white trainers that I can wear with jeans/dresses etc to see me through to boot season!
Converse are a definite no (too uncomfortable). I'm tall, slim and 39 so need to be age appropriate.

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MrsJamin Wed 02-Sep-20 16:57:41

You can't go wrong with Adidas superstars, they're a design classic and go well with loads of different looks including dresses

LittleRen Wed 02-Sep-20 16:59:07

Veja v10... I have three pairs and they go with everything. They are far less chunky
than other trainers

ReviewingTheSituation Wed 02-Sep-20 17:00:34

Another vote for the Adidas. I live in mine, and they go with everything. I wanted a pair of Vejas but I found them quite uncomfortable, and quite expensive.

toobusytothink Wed 02-Sep-20 17:12:24

Stan smiths

Baxdream Wed 02-Sep-20 17:13:30

Excellent thanks ladies! I've been looking at veja/Adidas/Nike so I think I need to try some on tomorrow.

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Oly4 Wed 02-Sep-20 17:16:11

I found Veja horribly uncomfortable (same with Converse). My white leather Supergas are a dream!

Baxdream Wed 02-Sep-20 17:25:56

That's interesting @Oly4 as I find converse uncomfortable too.

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BigYellowFlower Wed 02-Sep-20 17:26:37

Carvela/Kurt Geiger have lots of comfortable and pretty white trainers. I think they are better than sports brands to wear with dresses etc.

Jojoanna Wed 02-Sep-20 17:42:22


Frankiegoes Wed 02-Sep-20 17:48:33

The only white trainers that I’ve found really comfortable are Nike Internationalist.

LittleRen Wed 02-Sep-20 17:50:49

I think veja have changed their leather/design as mine are all super comfy with a soft tongue. I had heard really negative things but mine are the comfiest!

ouch321 Wed 02-Sep-20 17:51:51

I'm old school and wear plain white lace up plimsolls.

The fact that they're less chunky and plainer than trainers means they go better when paired with a dress/skirt.

AuntieMarys Wed 02-Sep-20 17:51:55

Love leather Superga

WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Wed 02-Sep-20 17:52:31

Nike Airforce are cute and the little bit of height is flattering. I know the kids wear them but there is nothing intrinsically young about them, they're preppy & simple. Golden goose if you're minted.

Bluntness100 Wed 02-Sep-20 17:58:37

Lk bennet believe it or not. They do a few types. Pricey but worth it, they are lovely on and super comfy.

BunnyLovesBananas Wed 02-Sep-20 18:05:54

I like the Ugg ones, plains white leather

I got them for about £66 from an outlet shop

BunnyLovesBananas Wed 02-Sep-20 18:06:41

MayDayFightsBack Wed 02-Sep-20 18:10:24

I've just bought some Supergas for the first time and I absolutely love them, they're so comfortable. I also love the fact they are an Italian brand.

Baxdream Thu 03-Sep-20 07:47:24

This is really helpful, thanks so much. The ugg ones look lovely!
I'm going to head to bluewater and do some trying on!

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Baxdream Thu 10-Sep-20 11:48:33

Thought I'd update incase anyone is interested 😂 I ended up getting the white leather superga ones. Lovely and only £50! I get 20% off at schuh

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ShyAmy333 Thu 10-Sep-20 12:42:50

Lace up plimsolls as has been said go with anything

stealthbanana Thu 10-Sep-20 13:29:08

Are the leather supergas as flat/unpadded as normal supergas?

Baxdream Thu 10-Sep-20 14:19:37

It's about an inch thick sole? They're comfortable!

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