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A boring thread about multi packs of knickers

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slightchill Sun 30-Aug-20 20:03:53

Anyone know where I can buy some bog standard, decent cotton, multi-pack knickers that are in pretty, fresh, colours and not horrible sludgy ones? On-line pls.

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FTMF30 Sun 30-Aug-20 20:06:18

Sainsbury's TU?

AuntieStella Sun 30-Aug-20 20:07:02

Try Sainsbury's (I think they're the nicest of the supermarket brands)

Or if you shop with Ocado, you can put M&S knickers in with your groceries from Tuesday (but only some of the range, mainly plain colours)

AnotherEmma Sun 30-Aug-20 20:07:10

M&S surely!

Sandytoes86 Sun 30-Aug-20 20:10:00

I got some really nice cotton plain ones from John Lewis , lovely pastel colours nice amount of stretch

BikeTyson Sun 30-Aug-20 20:10:16

I’ve had some good Tu ones that are still going strong after a shamefully long time! Their sizing is on the large side, not a bad thing for knickers though.

StyleandBeautyfail Sun 30-Aug-20 20:10:21

John Lewis Pima cotton are lovely.
Head and shoulders the best knickers ever.
There was a big pants thread last winter grin

Chewbecca Sun 30-Aug-20 20:15:17

Another vote for JL Pima cotton.

WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Sun 30-Aug-20 20:16:23

'bog standard' ?
An unfortunate choice of phrase or have I missed something?
Is there a Government category for knickers now?

cherrypiepie Sun 30-Aug-20 21:37:08

I got the lace top from Asda - high recommend lovely and soft.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sun 30-Aug-20 21:41:18

Can I jump on this and ask if anyone knows it nicely coloured multipack knickers that don’t go up your bum all day?

Bargebill19 Sun 30-Aug-20 21:49:58


mocktail Sun 30-Aug-20 22:31:18

I agree with John Lewis

Oldbagface Sun 30-Aug-20 22:56:31

You need Matalan in your life or George at Asda. Cheap and cheerful but do the job.

Juicyfrooty Sun 30-Aug-20 22:58:16

Asda lace top cotton ones are my favourite

PickAChew Sun 30-Aug-20 22:59:32

Definitely markses.

I bought some Tu ones on the recommendations I got on a thread of my own and ended up binning them because the elastic felt like razor wire.

SapphireSeptember Sun 30-Aug-20 23:39:56

I get all my knickers from TU, they're my favourite type.

(And I'll always remember the blogger I used to read getting sniffy about multi packs of knickers from the supermarket. I love wearing something bright and cheery under my Goth ensembles. grin )

slightchill Mon 31-Aug-20 07:36:05

grin WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat sorry, unfortunate turn of phrase! grin

Thank you everyone for all the suggestions.
I started the thread because nothing in Marks took my fancy as all the designs and colours seemed a bit meh.

Off to track down your leads ...thanks again.

Definitely going to try and avoid the razor wire elastic

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dudsville Mon 31-Aug-20 11:50:47

Always Thunder Pants. No elastic. VERY well made. Will not ride or shift and I find if I have the right size I have no vpl because they go right round the whole of my bottom rather than cutting mid way across the cheek. They are expensive, but they last for years.

dudsville Mon 31-Aug-20 11:52:43

Correction, I meant to write "I always mention Thunder Pants", they are not an always brand of pants!!!!!

viccat Mon 31-Aug-20 12:02:15

I like M&S ones, they seem to hold their shape well and they usually do nice colours. Sainsbury's ones have been surprisingly good too.

uncomfortablydumb53 Mon 31-Aug-20 14:11:10

I was recently surprised at the fit and quality of a Matalan multipack

MenaiMna Mon 31-Aug-20 14:36:22

Matalan five pack of cotton shorts about £8

emwithme Mon 31-Aug-20 14:58:54

Another vote for Asda lace top full briefs. Gorgeous bright colours (or black/white multipacks), wash really well, don't make me feel like I'm wearing my granny's knickers

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 31-Aug-20 15:03:21

I came to recommend Matalan, but @uncomfortablydumb53 has beaten me to

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