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sa222 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:30:30

Hello everyone,

I am excited to join this forum. I plan to start trying with my partner in the coming few months (I am 34) and want to do everything I can to conceive right away- right now I am filled with regret at not getting my life together sooner. Nothing would make me happier than having a baby (even twins!) in the next year. Is there any advice on this please? Should I start pre-natal supplements, adapting my lifestyle, doing anything else that will help?

Thank you in advance and good luck to everyone trying smile

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Babs709 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:33:40

Hi OP,

You may want to ask mumsnet to move the post, it’s currently in “style and beauty”.

As for the question at hand, I’ve got no particular advice. I don’t think you need to be doing anything specific unless you’ve got a particularly crazy lifestyle. You can start taking prenatal vitamins though.

Best of luck!

AdaColeman Sun 30-Aug-20 11:38:14

Hello there @sa222, you’ve posted this in Style and Beauty, probably not where you intended it to go?
Report your post to Mumsnet HQ by clicking the REPORT button on the top bar of your post where your user name is, and they will move it to somewhere where you will get more responses.
Lots of luck with conceiving!!

sa222 Sun 30-Aug-20 11:44:36

Thank you and sorry!

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AdaColeman Sun 30-Aug-20 12:59:51


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