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L L Bean (not really stylish or beautiful)

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BikeRunSki Sat 29-Aug-20 21:54:30

Has anyone got any experience of ordering from LLBean from the UK? Their website is straightforward enough for orders, but not so much for international returns. I would be ordering 2 sizes, with a view to returning one.

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InDeoEstMeaFiducia Sat 29-Aug-20 22:00:49

Cheaper on Ebay. REALLY expensive to ship to the UK. Their luggage, however, is fabulous.

BikeRunSki Sat 29-Aug-20 22:05:05


Cheaper on Ebay. REALLY expensive to ship to the UK. Their luggage, however, is fabulous.

They are doing free shipping to the U.K.

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TawnyPippit Sat 29-Aug-20 22:17:39

The quality is awesome. You REALLY need to go to the store in Freeport, Maine to get the full experience (its my happy place smile).

Some (/a lot) of the clothes are astonishingly frumpy, but when they do things well/that you like they are pretty much perfect and will literally last forever (that is also why you need to give the frumpy ones a swerve as those suckers are never going to wear out).

Agree that the luggage is particularly good.

InDeoEstMeaFiducia Sat 29-Aug-20 22:18:00

Aha! Not sure about returns. Their sizing runs big for clothes.

BikeRunSki Sat 29-Aug-20 22:31:17

@TawnyPippit - I’d love to! I can imagine it’s as happy as the Patagonia outlet in Santa Monica!

I want a hardcore technical, bombproof Goretex jacket. I’m happy to pay good money for one. I’m struggling to find one that fits my hips and if not hugely baggy in the chest. The reviews of their technical Goretex jacket all say “at last, a jacket for women with hips!”. More than happy to have a frumpy jacket forever if it keeps me dry.

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LoeliaPonsonby Sat 29-Aug-20 22:34:11

They are seriously in at the moment - they had a big collab with Todd Snyder.

I want a pair of their shearling duck boots and basically all of the homewares for my fantasy log cabingrin

InDeoEstMeaFiducia Sat 29-Aug-20 22:38:04

I have one of those jackets. I've had it for years. It's worth every penny.

BikeRunSki Sat 29-Aug-20 22:40:16

I’ve emailed them re returns. The I’ll have to get my tape measure out. My problem is that I have a very long torso and all the curves of anything vaguely tailored tend to be in the wrong places.

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InDeoEstMeaFiducia Sat 29-Aug-20 22:40:36

Our whole family has luggage from there.

BikeRunSki Mon 21-Sep-20 21:01:57

I took the plunge and ordered the jacket. 30% off and free postage to the UK was not to be sniffed at! After spending 2 weeks in customs, the jacket is arrived today. It is exactly what I wanted, at a very good price!

I got the window cleaner to spray me to test it out!

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dudsville Mon 21-Sep-20 21:07:41

Happy outcome! I love llb, I'll take a look!

LoeliaPonsonby Mon 21-Sep-20 21:34:52

On the back of this thread I ordered some Bean Boots and some merino wool rag socks. They are both completely fabulous.

I wanted the logo sweatshirt but it was sold out in my size. Shipping and ordering was pain free, sizing was accurate (I compared the size charts and reviews). I’m eyeing up some of their flannel now!

MadisonMontgomery Mon 21-Sep-20 21:41:27

I love LL Bean, everything I’ve had from there is fab quality, it’s easy to order and they deliver quickly BUT I always get stung on customs charges, so factor that into your costs 😭

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