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Where to buy tshirts

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toiletpaper Fri 28-Aug-20 11:30:40

I live in jeans, tshirts, hooded jackets and converse/vans. I used to buy my tshirts from primark in the £2 section but I found after a few washes, because I'm tall, they'd end up around my belly button. So they're great because they're cheap to buy but I'm fed up of this now so can anyone suggest a shop I can buy similar tshirts? I'm not looking to spend a lot of money (clothing doesn't really interest me) but I don't mind spending a little more. Thanks!

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BF2748 Fri 28-Aug-20 20:52:36

I get T-shirt’s from Zara they tend to wash well. I also have some from H&M some wash well some don’t Mx

RealityExistsInTheHumanMind Fri 28-Aug-20 21:33:07

Asda ones don't shrink and their plain ones are cheap

Ilikewinter Fri 28-Aug-20 21:34:11

Yep mine are also from Asda! They last ages and dont shrink

worriedandannoyed Fri 28-Aug-20 21:36:32

Dorothy Perkins do t-shirts for around £6 that are a nice shape, they have rolled up sleeves. They do plain colours and usually a few patterns, they're really nice quality for the money

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