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Tear Trough fillers?

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Flymetothesun Wed 26-Aug-20 20:21:09

Some folk rave about them but others think they're a waste of time.
I'm middle aged with sunken, purple hollows that no amount of concealer or corrector can hide.
If you've had it done would you repeat?
And any recommendations as to where to go in Bristol, London or SW. It's definitely a specialist job I think.

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trumpisaflump Wed 26-Aug-20 20:26:45

I got this done for the first time a few days ago. I also have hollows under my eyes and I gather tear trough fillers work best for hollows rather than bags and wrinkles etc. The filler has definitely filled the hollows and I think it looks good. Very subtle though. I still have some under eye wrinkles but I'm getting Botox for those in the next few weeks.

Flymetothesun Wed 26-Aug-20 20:28:42

Thanks @trumpisaflump . Can I ask how old you are? I've read that it's not as successful with mature, crapey skin. Did you get brushing or swelling?

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viques Wed 26-Aug-20 20:35:58

There was a programme, I think it was either BBC or Channel 4 the other night where they looked at non invasive cosmetic treatments. A few strong warnings given over tear trough fillers. Apparently if your practitioner is not medically trained they might not know where the important blood vessels and nerves are around the eye and hitting them with the filler can cause them to be damaged, leading to severe problems, think blindness.

trumpisaflump Wed 26-Aug-20 20:45:50

I’m 46. There’s no bruising at all which I was so glad about as I’m blonde with really fair skin and bruise soooo easily. There’s not really much chance of bruising as there is only one injection through the cheek. The nurse injected my cheek then introduced a long cannula and threaded this up to the corner of my under eye area then squeezed the filler out under my eye muscle. My dark circles were initially worse which told me to expect as my under eye area was raised if that makes sense. They are much less visible now though.
I was comforted by the fact that if I didn’t like it I could have it reversed with Hylase which dissolves hyaluronic acid.
I agree it wouldn’t work too well with crepey eyes. I’m getting Profhilo soon and I think this would work better for crepey skin.

Flymetothesun Wed 26-Aug-20 21:06:00

Thanks. I'm hoping I'd be a good candidate, how did you find a reputable practitioner?

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trumpisaflump Wed 26-Aug-20 21:54:08

I used the nurse I have been going to for years for Botox. It goes without saying you should only go to a nurse, doctor or dentist. I would choose someone that does fillers/Botox full time. ie not a dentist who does a bit of filler 'on the side' if that makes sense. Loads of clinic post before and after photos so that should help too.

Userr19037 Wed 26-Aug-20 22:03:42

I had mine done 2 weeks ago. Straight after the procedure I noticed a difference and was relatively happy but as the days went on (and I assume the swelling went down) it slowly looked not that much better than before. I am very disappointed if I'm honest. I talked myself into spending the money on myself thinking it would make a big difference to how I feel and look. I have an appt tomorrow to see about something else and I'm going to have a review on the tear trough at same time and see what she says. Overall I'm apprehensive to get more filler given how it seemed to evaporated over the period of a few days. I don't want to waste more money

Wagsandclaws Wed 26-Aug-20 22:06:37

These are my before and after tear trough fillers. Please excuse the bruising on my forehead as I'd had some Botox work down at the same time but I love the results!

My practitioner is a GP and frankly I wouldn't use anyone who isn't for anything to do with my face. He is realistic about the results and won't do anything that doesn't look natural.

trumpisaflump Wed 26-Aug-20 22:33:51

That looks brilliant @Wagsandclaws

blisstwins Thu 27-Aug-20 04:23:39

I have them too and I was very reluctant. Now I will never not have them. I have a scar I started getting filled and there was always some filler left. So I got marionette lines done (side of mouth down chin). Then my doctor (a facial plastic surgeon) suggested eye troughs. My undereyes had not really bothered me, but I look so refreshed and it is very natural. I don't get a lot put in (1 syringe for my scar, marionette lines, troughs, and a little lip) but these tiny amounts make a huge difference. They just take the edge off.

Absolutelylush Thu 27-Aug-20 05:25:37

I found the procedure unpleasant and there was barely any difference after a few days. The doctor who did it raved over the results but I couldn’t see any difference in the mirror. Very expensive and not worth it.

princessTiasmum Thu 27-Aug-20 21:10:05

I would go to a dentist as they know where all the nerves and blood vessels
I have cheek fillers by a dentist and they are very natural looking but make a big difference as i have lost fat in my face

Whenwilligrowup Thu 27-Aug-20 21:25:42

Does anyone know, if tear trough fillers aren't really great for under eye wrinkles, and Botox only helps with the crow's feet at the side, what on earth can be done about the horrid wrinkles that are forming under my eyes (sort of the bit where your under eye meets your cheekbone)?!?

Scentsandsensible Thu 27-Aug-20 21:34:26

@Wagsandclaws that looks amazing. Don’t suppose your doc is in London?

trumpisaflump Thu 27-Aug-20 21:59:59

@Whenwilligrowup I get Botox on these lines. Without Botox my under eye lines extend to my cheeks but they disappear with Botox. I still have some fine lines under my eyes but Botox takes away the deeper lines that are dynamic if that makes sense.

blisstwins Thu 27-Aug-20 22:02:53

I am 51 and this is shortly after year trough fillers. I love them.

Wagsandclaws Thu 27-Aug-20 22:09:29

@Scentsandsensible he's in Wiltshire, my daughters partner travels from Hampshire to use him though 😊

Wagsandclaws Thu 27-Aug-20 22:10:32

@blisstwins very good result, they look fab!

Coronacurls Thu 27-Aug-20 22:23:33

@WagsandClaws could you please pm me the details of your doctor? I'm v interested - you look fab!

blisstwins Fri 28-Aug-20 02:38:25

My eyebrows need help, but I do think the fillers work. I do not get Botox bear my eyes at all. I think the lines are age appropriate and make the smaller tweaks looks more natural. You can see the scar that started this above my right eye! I don’t think I would have done fillers otherwise, but now I think a little goes a long way. It is less of a big deal than I thought.

LuubyLuu Fri 28-Aug-20 02:45:15

For those who've had it done, how painful was the procedure?
Sounds very painful!

blisstwins Fri 28-Aug-20 03:34:03

I had mine done by a facial plastic surgeon and it did not hurt. It felt a little weird, but no pain. He uses a cannula and does all areas from the one puncture. No bruising either. Every practitioner has their own technique. I went to a dermatologist first and he used a syringe (not for eye troughs, just the scar and lips) and it hurt a lot.

happymummy12345 Fri 28-Aug-20 03:37:08

I'd love to have it done. I'm 27 but under my eyes are so dark. If I thought they'd help I'd seriously look into it.

blisstwins Fri 28-Aug-20 04:03:27

27!!! You are a baby. I look at people in their 20s and wish I could bottle that beauty or tell everyone not to worry. You are more beautiful than you realize! If your under eyes bother you out in a little concealer, but there can’t be lost fat to replace yet. Someday....

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