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AnaViaSalamanca Wed 26-Aug-20 09:34:04

Looking for good quality cashmere at average prices (i.e. not £300 for a jumper). Any recommendations?

How do you rate Boden or John lewis cashmere jumpers?

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AuldFox Thu 03-Sep-20 20:57:15

My cashmere is from Brora, N Peal, Repeat and Johnstons. The older stuff (particularly Brora) is better quality. The size 10 is also tiny compared to current size 10 (this is how I delude myself into thinking I’m still a size 10 grin)

AuldFox Thu 03-Sep-20 20:59:40

Oh I have some from John smedley and Hawico too. Go second hand for superior quality.

Time40 Thu 03-Sep-20 21:13:57

Woolovers. I have multiple cashmere mix jumpers and they are lovely and cosy. About £50 a jumper

I've had a different experience with a Woolovers cashmere mix jersey. MIne was absolute rubbish.

I'd second the pps who said Ebay and other secondhand places.

Calm33 Thu 05-Aug-21 19:26:06

Marilyn Moore wonderful cashmere.

Calm33 Thu 05-Aug-21 19:27:23

........In the sale and John Lewis

eldorado02 Thu 05-Aug-21 19:27:29

Theory via the Outnet, and I concur with PP who recommend quality stuff on discount over cheaper full price.


Fatherliamdeliverance Thu 05-Aug-21 19:43:29

Ebay and good charity shops, plus an electric de-bobbler thingy to keep them nice

RaspberryThief Thu 05-Aug-21 19:58:18

My best cashmere jumper is Jaeger (bought in the sale). Going strong for years.

A PP mentioned John Smedley; I didn't know they did cashmere but their merino knitwear is incredible quality.

LunaTheCat Fri 06-Aug-21 06:20:57

Brora in the clearance sale - lasts for years.

DGFB Fri 06-Aug-21 08:10:45

I buy high street as it’s what I can afford and have had no problems with Pure, John Lewis or
I’ve got some White Company cashmere in the sales which is also nice

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