Good quality cashmere that is not too expensive

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AnaViaSalamanca Wed 26-Aug-20 09:34:04

Looking for good quality cashmere at average prices (i.e. not £300 for a jumper). Any recommendations?

How do you rate Boden or John lewis cashmere jumpers?

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Wildwood6 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:02:04

I've not bought any recently but John Lewis cashmere has always been good. Also keep an eye out for Jigsaw in the sales (in fact they've got one on now actually).

OngoingOmnishambles Wed 26-Aug-20 10:21:28

Buy good quality cashmere in the sale. I bought a few WYSE jumpers 1/2 price in Boxing Day sale. Otherwise I think Uniqlo is alright.

teta Wed 26-Aug-20 10:25:18

I like Scott & Scott cashmere on BrandAlley. Boden cashmere is terrible, as is Wrap. I'm not sure about j. Lewis brands. I've also given up buying any at Tk Maxx because the quality has really dropped over the last few years.

IntermittentParps Wed 26-Aug-20 10:27:40

I like Scott & Scott cashmere on BrandAlley.
I came on to say this. Better IMO to buy the expensive stuff in the sale than look for cheaper cashmere; it just won't be as good. Uniqlo cashmere for example is shite; thin and goes bobbly practically as soon as you look at it.

BikeRunSki Wed 26-Aug-20 10:28:07

Lands End. Sign up for emails, and you’ll get many discount codes, usually quite specific for a particular category (swimwear, new in women’s, kids, knitwear....). Nothing in Lands End is groundbreaking fashion, but it’s all bombproof.

thedevilinablackdress Wed 26-Aug-20 10:29:19

eBay is my go-to for that.


AriettyHomily Wed 26-Aug-20 10:31:22

I've got a couples of Joules cashmere jumpers, went bobbly really quickly.

JoJoSM2 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:31:59

Are you anywhere near an outlet? Eg NPeal in Bicester Village? That could make it more affordable but the quality really is a different league to the high st stuff.

Zengarden001 Wed 26-Aug-20 10:45:47

I've tried Uniqlo and Boden. Both bobble really quickly. I've got a cashmere comb that works okay on Boden but a total faff. Uniqlo too thin to comb.

Wildwood6 Wed 26-Aug-20 13:16:14

M&S cashmere is worth a look too.

LesLavandes Wed 26-Aug-20 14:34:57

Brora sale

Spottyegg Wed 26-Aug-20 15:02:00

My least bobbly cardigan is from Marks and Spencers - have had it for years though (and still going strong)

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Wed 26-Aug-20 15:07:08

I bought grom m&s last year. They were all enormous - the xs was the only one that didnt swamp me. But it shrank. Lovely colour though.

Beachlovingirl Wed 26-Aug-20 15:08:02

Randomly I got mine from H&M. I was walking through the shop and saw a lone grey jumper on a hanger and it was a online return. It's my favourite jumper!

I can wash it in the washing machine no problem and it doesn't make me itchy.

FraughtwithGin Wed 26-Aug-20 16:12:18

Pure Collection was my first foray into cashmere about 11 years ago. Their quality has dropped a bit since then and they don't always do the "classics" but are generally good and wash well.
I tried Uniqlo this year, sizing is minute and 1 jumper got a hole in it after 2 washes, so is now consigned to the gardening pile.
Best cashmere buy was from Repeat, but it was a €300 job, still gorgeous after 10 years, though.

DelphiniumBlue Wed 26-Aug-20 16:43:51

My favourite oversized black one was £40 from Tesco about 5 years ago. Going slightly bobbly now, but no worse than other ones I have which were way more expensive.
They do a few colours every year, if you see them, grab one while you can!

StarShapedWindow Wed 26-Aug-20 17:50:58

I find Boden cashmere really good, holds it’s shape and doesn’t bobble as much as others. Jigsaw is excellent. The worst is Hush which was a beautiful shape when new but thin and bobbled on the first wear and has little holes all over it which I have to repair when they get noticeable.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 26-Aug-20 18:05:58

I think you're also far better buying a good brand in the sales .
Think about the ethics behind the production of cheap cashmere ( but don't google angora rabbits sad ) . Something has to compromise to make the saving .

I often search things like ethical down but think sod it , I;ll use symthetic .

slipperyeel Wed 26-Aug-20 18:10:54

John Lewis is ok but nowhere near as good as Brora, their sales are good although never what you’d describe as cheap!

pinksummer Wed 26-Aug-20 18:15:18

Woolovers. I have multiple cashmere mix jumpers and they are lovely and cosy. About £50 a jumper.

openupmyeagereyes Wed 26-Aug-20 18:42:31

Best quality I’ve personally had is Brora but that’s quite pricey. I find the Boden cashmere good quality and good value when they have 20% off. I must have at least 6 jumpers and a couple of cardigans of theirs and most of them are several years old with little bobbling. No guarantees of course as they can change suppliers at any time.

You can buy a cashmere comb very cheaply or one of those bobble-off shavers.

ToManderleyAgain Wed 26-Aug-20 20:45:54

For those of you with bobbly sweaters, I wholeheartedly recommend getting one of these: So much quicker and more effective than using a cashmere comb

slipperyeel Thu 27-Aug-20 11:27:16

Brora sale now on!

DisgruntledGuineaPig Thu 27-Aug-20 12:27:15

I have trawled charity shops in previous years and bought cashmere in those. I then don't particularly spend a lot of effort with them, but the best lasting have been ones from Bella Freud (£15 that cost me!), landsend and jaeger.

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