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Traction Alopecia - advice needed

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Sun 23-Aug-20 23:03:53

For the past 6 months I've pretty much worn my long thick hair in a casual bun everyday on the top of my head so it stays out of my way. Recently I've noticed that the hair was thinning on the top of my head towards the back where the bun would sit. My scalp under the affected area felt tight and sore too recently when I've worn it down. Now I'm really panicking . From the bit of research I've done this could be down to something Called traction which is hair loss caused by permeant damage to the hair follicles from tight hair styles.

I've read that Regain may help to stimulate regrowth if the damage isn't too far gone (but some of the reviews on Amazon are also slightly worrying), and also read about a caffeine shampoo that gets good reviews called Plantar 39.

Has anyone tried these products? Or had experience with this type of hair loss? Or hair loss in general as I've noticed I am loosing a lot of hair when I blowdry (a good handfull)

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Elouera Sun 23-Aug-20 23:10:56

I've havent tried the products myself, but know that regain is apparently good, but needs to be used forever! have you changed your diet, lost weight etc recently? Whenever I go on a keto/ lower calorie diet, I lose more hair than normal.

How tight is the bun??? Surely the hair directly underneath the bun would be the least under pressure, whereas the bits from the distant sides would be pulled the most? Do you have many medical problems? Thyroid, Vit D or iron deficiency? I assume you are wearing it differently now?

My mum lost hair on the crown of her head once from sitting under a hot light to do a puzzle!!! The light gradually scorched her crown! Is that area of your head getting another heat sorce from tongs, blow drying or a light?

Jellycatspyjamas Mon 24-Aug-20 03:33:35

Is your hair falling out when you blow dry it is it breaking off? Mine was breaking off - a good protein treatment and regular moisturising treatments have helped along with a good multi vitamin with biotin.

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