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Can anyone recommend a good quality leather backpack?

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Ineedflour Sun 23-Aug-20 13:24:59

Hi. I am starting a new job after a long break and want to but a leather rucksack that looks good quality and carries iPads, books and the odd folder. Can anyone recommend any? Thank you in advance!

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Ineedflour Sun 23-Aug-20 13:25:23

Want to buy..

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Lightsmother Sun 23-Aug-20 13:26:53

Love this place and the sale knocks about 40 Pct off. Worth waiting for!

FinnyStory Sun 23-Aug-20 13:30:05

I have this one .

It will be too small for what you want but they have others and the quality is really lovely at a very fair price

jeremypaxo Sun 23-Aug-20 13:37:07

I love the All Saints Kira leather backpack. It comes in two sizes. I think the small is nicer and would fit an iPad.

jeremypaxo Sun 23-Aug-20 13:38:24

Kita! Not Kira.¤cy=GBP&nst=0&dsrl=9342&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr7WT3qux6wIVQ-7tCh0MzQmAEAQYASABEgKbPvDD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

LizzieMacQueen Sun 23-Aug-20 13:50:42

I love Mandarina Duck. Great quality for the price.

Some discounts at the moment, they have this in other colours.

chezbot Mon 24-Aug-20 14:09:37

These bags are great

Beebopbad Mon 24-Aug-20 20:21:12

Marks and Sparks do a butter soft leather one.

Ebay worth a look too.

louisethedisease Mon 24-Aug-20 21:51:55

I have the mia tui black leather one for work. It's awesome.

Fishyfinger Mon 24-Aug-20 21:56:05


I have the mia tui black leather one for work. It's awesome.

Aren't the mia tui faux leather ?

Skinandbones Mon 24-Aug-20 22:00:36

Just ordered one from Troop London, obviously haven't used it yet but still might be worth a look.

Catmaiden Mon 24-Aug-20 22:08:39

Scaramanga. Lovely.

SpeedofaSloth Mon 24-Aug-20 22:10:43

bravotango Mon 24-Aug-20 22:12:05

Have a look in TK Maxx - they always have a great selection. I have bought 2 from there, one small Italian leather and one larger for work (also leather). Good prices.

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