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Alopecia patch on 10 year old

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Stumpedasatree Sat 22-Aug-20 22:36:27

My DD has very recently developed a 5p sized round patch of alopecia on the top of her head, along her part and quite near the front, so noticeable. I have no idea if anything has triggered it and feel awfully worried for her. I've not been to the GP as yet, thought I would give it a little time, but any advice please?

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YorkshireParentalPerson Sat 22-Aug-20 22:41:55

Our son developed perfectly round bald patches when he was about 8, started small and grew to be about twice the size of a 50p. It was a fungal infection and required 6 months of oral medicine and careful hygiene round not sharing towels at all and bedding had to be washed hot.

Get her checked out by the Dr's its very treatable but needs dealing with sooner rather than later.

The Dr will be able to tell you If it is alopecia and offer any further advice.

Cripesalive Sat 22-Aug-20 22:43:12

Are you certain it's alopecia? I don't want to alarm you but it does sound a little bit like hair pulling (used to be called trichotillomania). I know this as sufferer myself - if started at around 10 and it usually along the front or the parting of the hair. Have you spoken to her about it?

AnnaMagnani Sun 23-Aug-20 08:57:35

GP especially if near the front as it could be hair pulling. Or it could be an easily treated infection and quickly sorted out.

So don't delay and have it looked at.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Sun 23-Aug-20 09:07:01

At 12 my dd found a large bald patch at the side of her head. We realised she’d got into the habit of twisting her hair hard when she was working. It wasn’t hair-pulling as such, just something she did. She stopped the hair twisting, and it grew back.

She also lost a lot of hair when she was about 4... every time I brushed her hair, clumps fell out. This was a fortnight or so after taking worming tablets, so the doctors thought it could be this. It’s never happened again, but then she’s not been wormed again.

Stumpedasatree Sun 23-Aug-20 17:17:30

Thanks all. I spoke with her and she insists she has not been pulling but she does fiddle with her hair a lot. I'll get an appointment with the GP this week. Thanks

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thefemaleJoshLyman Sun 23-Aug-20 22:48:51

My 10yo DD started with a small bald patch in March. We contacted the GP on numerous occasions until eventually in May she admitted pulling out her hair. If she's fiddling with her hair that sounds like my DD. She was pulling out one hair at a time, but for long periods. DD has hats to try to stop her pulling but we hope going back to school will help. She's not been in at all since March and really misses it. Not much help really but sympathy and empathy for your concerns. It is really worrying when it happens.

Hecksonaplane Sun 23-Aug-20 23:09:41

My dd had this when she was about 7/8. It grew to about the size of a satsuma and stayed like that for a while - possibly a few months before it grew back.
It was alopecia.
It's never happened again and she's 16 now.

Cripesalive Sun 23-Aug-20 23:48:19

Good luck OP, I hope there is a simple explanation and it’s a one off thing as some other PPs have experienced.

If it does turn out to be hair pulling please feel free to PM me as unfortunately I have a lot of experience with this condition. GPs aren’t always very experienced but there are some good resources out there.

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