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Show me your best holiday outfits

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greendress789 Sat 22-Aug-20 22:17:22

Going to the beach next month! 30 degree weather. I'm size 12-14 and age 41. Haven't been on a beach holiday in years! What would you recommend I wear?

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greendress789 Sun 23-Aug-20 12:05:14


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MissFritton65 Sun 23-Aug-20 12:36:38

Hi I think need a bit more information in order to be helpful. Is it a 5* hotel or a private villa? Are we talking Dubai or Thailand? Different places have very different vibes and dress codes.....obviously!
Happy to help if I know more.

nzeire Sun 23-Aug-20 13:07:57

A white kaftan!
A hat that can stay on your head!
Sandals you can walk in

AntFarm Sun 23-Aug-20 13:13:56

I've just got back from a beach/pool holiday and wore swimsuits/bikinis in the day with lace longline kimonos over the top of them, and I also sometimes wore a black lace beach maxi skirt with a black bikini.

I would advise spending time and money finding a couple of bikinis or swimsuits, whichever you prefer, that fit and flatter you well and that you feel really comfortable and confident in.

Oh and a nice wicker beach bag is a must. I got a lovely one from Ebay and it was brilliant for taking all our stuff down to the pool each day and it looked really pretty and stylish too. Loads of ladies around the pool had wicker bags.

greendress789 Sun 23-Aug-20 18:43:17

@MissFritton65 holiday with my DC who is 6. In Europe!

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MissFritton65 Sun 23-Aug-20 19:08:57

I would suggest a couple of well fitting bikinis - best to buy the top and bottoms separately to ensure the best fit. Personally, I like Boden swimwear. A cover-up to go over the swimwear, sandals, flip flops and agree with others about a wicker bag. I have a basket bought abroad many years ago which has been invaluable on holidays. I'm a fan of jumpsuits so tend to take a few on holiday as they can be dressed up for the evenings and comfortable for sightseeing although you may not be doing that with a 6yo!

Srictlybakeoff Sun 23-Aug-20 19:11:22

I like dresses and if I had a holiday to gone would buy this

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