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Are facials worth the money?

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Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 10:52:54

I want to start taking batter care of my skin. It is really starting to age and I want to do my best to tackle it now that I’m single again.

Are facials worth the money? If so, how often? I don’t want to do anything too crazy/fancy, just regular facials.

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Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 10:53:45

*better not batter (although my skin is starting to look battered by the weather!)

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 22-Aug-20 11:46:34

I found Caci facials excellent but had a pre-wedding Elemis one that was just a cleanse with a mask and a bit of massage essentially.

Are you wearing sunblock daily?.

AnaViaSalamanca Sat 22-Aug-20 11:48:52

There are feel-good facials, and then there are skin care facials. The latter would be good, like the PP says caci facials. Rest you can buy good masks and do it at home for a fraction of the price.

TBH with covid risk I wouldn't go for any facials for the time being.

Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 12:09:48

Thank you. I had not heard of Caci facials before ... Yeah I’ve started wearing factor 50 on my face and intend to for the rest of my life!

I presumed since they were offering them it’d be OK if they’re masked up but fair point ...

What home masks are good for aging/dehydration/sun spots?

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Elouera Sat 22-Aug-20 12:13:34

Do you have a good diet? Plently of fruit/veg/whole grains/fibre and most importanlty water? Limit alcohol and sun exposure? Its better to treat your skin from the inside.

I've never had a course of expensive facials, so maybe they are better. Whenever I have had a regular one, I always feel its such a waste of time and money. Basically just cleansing, moisturising and massage- all of which I could do myself at home! Maybe someone will come along with other experiences though?

Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 12:17:21

Thanks @Elouera I don’t drink to get drunk but I drink wine almost every night now (1 or 2 glasses) so I think I need to kick that habit. My diet is up & down and I’d like to improve that top! You’re probably right that good food is better than expensive facials but my sister eats a lot of junk and drinks lots of wine but has been getting regular facials for 20 years and her facial skin is amazing!

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Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 12:17:52


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vixxo Sat 22-Aug-20 12:39:25

In my opinion no, I think it's aggravating to the skin and generally unhygienic.

BumholeJ Sat 22-Aug-20 13:10:29

Hydrafacials are absolutely amazing; they’ve transformed my skin, I’ve had a course of six of those (but only had 4 so far due to lockdown) and also a course of 6 X 1/2 hour microdermabrasion late last year and I’ve gone from an oily lizard with giant pores to having genuinely quite good clear, smooth skin with much reduced/basically gone pores. (I’m 37 if relevant)

I do use better products at home now as well though so I think that also helps - niacinimide, HA, peptide serum, face oil and moisturiser twice a day and retinol at night 2-3 times a week. Acid exfoliator a couple of times a week. The Ordinary products works for me although not sure the transformation would be as pronounced without the facials as the kickstart.

For me the microderm and hydrafacials have reset and dramatically my skin and the products now used help maintain. I’m going to keep up regular facials combination of feel-good and the more ‘mechanical’ ones, and now that I’m finally happy with my skin, it’ll be for a jooj if I want to give my skin a major boost (hydrafacial) or an indulgent skin treat (feel good facial) rather than to solve a problem as such (I love having them - very relaxing/satisfying).

Separatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 13:13:51

Great thanks. I love the sound of the hydra facial and it’s good you got such results.

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LordEmsworth Sat 22-Aug-20 19:59:36

Nowadays I only bother with facials that include extractions. My skin feels clean for a week afterwards. Dermalogica for preference...

Stillseparatedat41 Sat 22-Aug-20 20:47:38

Extractions would be good . I’ve loads of blackheads! Anti-aging & blackhead removal

Notanothercherrybakewell Sat 22-Aug-20 23:47:09

@BumholeJ did you know you wanted/needed the hydra facial or was this recommended by the salon?
I get so overwhelmed with all the options I don't really know what I'm looking for! I'd feel a bit silly saying that on the phone though blush

h1987 Sat 22-Aug-20 23:56:25

Hi @Stillseparatedat41
I'm a dentist by profession but undertake facial aesthetics treatments. I always get patients complaining of aging skin and wanting to go straight for the dermal fillers and Botox and although these are really great options for some patients to make their facial features enhanced and reduce their fine lines and wrinkles I still always ensure they're doing their best to make sure they do all they can to reduce skin damage- factor 50 always, this includes indoors! These days office lights etc are strong enough rays to affect our skin. Sunscreen needs to be applied every 2 hours for it to be effective throughout the day
This isn't always possible because of makeup etc - so you can now get factor 50 powder that you can easily apply on throughout the day. Without taking sunscreen seriously it doesn't matter how many facials you get you'll be fighting a losing battle against that sunshine of ours. Happy to answer any further questions you may have smile

Alongcameacat Sun 23-Aug-20 02:47:15

I went for facials monthly throughout my twenties. There was a difference for a few days afterwards but none in the long run. I’m in my forties now and my skin is the same as my sibling who never had a facial. It is down to genetics imo and a good moisturiser!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 23-Aug-20 10:44:33

“my sister eats a lot of junk and drinks lots of wine but has been getting regular facials for 20 years and her facial skin is amazing!”

It will catch up with her in the end.

Stillseparatedat41 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:57:18


Thank you. Where can I get powder spf? I wear factor 50 every morning but I wear foundation every day so I never reapply...

Stillseparatedat41 Sun 23-Aug-20 14:58:48


Yeah keeping well moisturised definitely helps! My parents have terrific skin & so do my siblings — I think stress and booze have affected mine and I intend to do something about that (better late than never!).

Mum2lots Sun 23-Aug-20 15:07:34

I love a facial, a bit of me time xxxmy fave is Microneedling

h1987 Sun 23-Aug-20 15:08:55

This one is a really good quality product...expensive but works well.


Stillseparatedat41 Sun 23-Aug-20 15:11:33


Yeah maybe. It has definitely caught up with me the past couple of years. I got away with murder before that! I get the impression facials aren’t a panacea but I think I’m going to get one to give my skin a good reset and am going to take really good care of it. I do eat a lot of veg and I plan to eat more fruit now too and hopefully see the benefits!

Stillseparatedat41 Sun 23-Aug-20 15:12:56


Thank you so much — that link wouldn’t open for me though. Says it’s ‘invalid.’

DannyGlickWindowTapping Sun 23-Aug-20 15:15:27

It's not glamorous, but Ultrasun Face spf50 with anti pigmentation may work well for you. I've used it every day for a few years, and it's definitely made a difference to my existing sun damage - I put any excess on my hands, and several others have commented that they look "younger". It's also once a day, so no need to top up. Not sure about facials, but I don't have specific issues, other than getting old, which can't be "solved" as such. A friend of mine did have targeted facials for a few months and looked fantastic afterwards. So, get the basics right at home, and salon treatments for specific issues.

h1987 Sun 23-Aug-20 15:16:33

@Separatedat41Ah sorry...look up ZO skin health sunscreen powder... It has like a silver container and a black brush.

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