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Woollen cardigans or jumpers for pregnant ladies that don't look like you've borrowed your dh's.

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cloudberry Thu 04-Oct-07 14:44:00

Where on earth can you find them? Need to be wool as we live in the middle of nowhere and it's bloomin' cold in the winter. And I'd like to try and look vaguely stylish even with a very large tummy.

puppydavies Thu 04-Oct-07 15:14:36

surely everywhere at the mo - smocky/empire/bib longer length ones are all the rage. h&m do everything from slouchy to dressy i got a fabby lightweight angora mix cardi in bright red last yr - twas great.

puppydavies Thu 04-Oct-07 15:15:10

(that's h&m maternity range)

motherhurdicure Thu 04-Oct-07 15:15:39

Message withdrawn

kitsandbits Thu 04-Oct-07 15:17:58

this is nice

this but maybe in the black?

swaeters lovely - especially in plum

kitsandbits Thu 04-Oct-07 15:22:34

this is nice - not a sweater tho - but long sleeved

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