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Horrendous eye wrinkles - best cream?

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YourObedientServant Fri 21-Aug-20 13:49:19

I saw a photo of myself recently and was shocked to see that I actually have ridiculously pronounced eye wrinkles. Underneath and all up each side when I smile. They seem to have come from nowhere and are incredibly deep! And there's just SO MANY of them! shock

I do moisturise daily but this is going to take some effort. Do any eye creams actually work? Willing to go £££ it it is likely to help as it's my birthday soon and I could treat myself. I'm only turning 36 but my eyes appear to belong to a 96 year old.

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Twindsworth Fri 21-Aug-20 14:00:11

I've found collagen has really helped my skin and plumped it up I really hadn't noticed as I was actually taking it for a bad knee and I had lots of comments from family and friends about how good I looked and worked out it was this.

I take 2 supplements a day the key is get ones with vitamin c in as well like these.

They must have vitaminC though it helps your body absorb it lots of places sell it.

rincewindspotato Fri 21-Aug-20 14:08:24

Aged 33 here and my crows feet are so bad that when I wear my mask it always looks like I’m smiling. I like them. I’ve never found a cream that did absolutely anything and I’ve tried retinols and acid peels- the lot. Embrace your smiling eyes. You have the face of a woman who has enjoyed her life grin

vixxo Fri 21-Aug-20 15:00:02

I don't think creams work.

Iamthewombat Fri 21-Aug-20 15:01:13

Creams absolutely do not work. I bet the wrinkles aren’t as bad as you think.

Delatron Fri 21-Aug-20 15:51:54

Creams don’t work. Do you wear spf every day? Even round eye area? Plus sunglasses to stop squinting in the sun. That will make them worse.

Retin-A or tretinoin is the only thing with scientific evidence to reduce wrinkles but notoriously difficult to use this round the eye area. ( I blend it up to the bone underneath the eye and a bit on my brow bone and hope it migrates). Very stingy if it gets in the eye.

Some eye creams have retinol, this is a weaker form of Tretin-A but could have a bit of an effect.

Delatron Fri 21-Aug-20 15:52:50

Plus most people’s eyes crinkle in to wrinkles when they smile. Are they there when you are not smiling?

Johnnybong Fri 21-Aug-20 16:07:13


YourObedientServant Fri 21-Aug-20 16:43:05

Thanks for the replies! Its definitely true that it's good to have smile lines I guess.

I think the main difference is that when I stop smiling, the lines are still there. That's a new thing and must be why I'm only just noticing it.

Don't tend to wear a lot of SPF unless wearing makeup, which is quite regularly. I'm finding my skin is changing though and makeup that used to suit me doesn't seem to any more. Maybe a rethink of my moisturiser....

Oh well. Here's hoping I develop many more laughter lines in the next 36 years.... gin

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MabelMoo23 Fri 21-Aug-20 16:51:42

The only way to prevent wrinkles is to wear SPF. Every day. Factor 50

Not rely spf in make up or moisturiser, but a separate product

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