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Craving a big soft jumper - where to buy?

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LimeLemonOrange Thu 20-Aug-20 18:47:40

For the last few years I've always put on a zip up hoodie if I'm a bit chilly at home. But I've started getting irritated with the hood getting in the way when relaxing.

I fancy a loose jumper, maybe a v neck (not essential), needs to go in the washing machine and be robust enough to be worn a lot.

Anyone got any tips on where to look? Or seen any good ones?

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GoAndAskDaddy Thu 20-Aug-20 23:36:04

Depending on budget, could try Celtic & co. Amazing quality, I think made in the UK but quite pricey. I bought one from here recently with a cowl neck… definately Would buy from there again.

Bluewavescrashing Thu 20-Aug-20 23:36:59

Gap merino is good. Just size up. Avoid acrylic 😱

LimeLemonOrange Thu 20-Aug-20 23:43:04

Thanks both, I'll have a look at those.

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Elllllle Thu 20-Aug-20 23:54:23

I have several of this type of jumper from h&m. They are synthetic however - I find cotton, cashmere and wool are lovely but not particularly robust and need too much tlc

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