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Spot cream

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Frankiemintz Wed 19-Aug-20 11:20:29

I’ve got the most awful spot on my forehead. I’m late 40’s and do get the occasional spot, sometimes large and weeping . Can anyone recommend a really good cream to help reduce the inflammation of a spot. Happy to spend a bit if it works.

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cwtchesandprosecco Wed 19-Aug-20 12:10:48

This stuff is brilliant. Available at the chemist but you have to ask for it.

Also, if it’s looking ready to pop these dots overnight are great- always have a pack of them in the house.

Dots for Spots® Original Acne Absorbing Pimple Patches, Cruelty Free, 1 Pack (24 Dots)

Frankiemintz Wed 19-Aug-20 13:20:58

Thanks for these recommendations

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MilkshakeandFries Wed 19-Aug-20 13:26:01

COSXR spot patches are brilliant for when you feel the spot starting to form under the skin.

MilkshakeandFries Wed 19-Aug-20 13:27:08

Mxflamingnoravera Wed 19-Aug-20 14:22:33

Witch hazel gel takes mine down overnight. I swear by it.

daydreamun Wed 19-Aug-20 15:21:57

Whenever I get a breakout I use Boots witch stick concealer it hides the redness and really helps either bring it to a head or make it disappearsmile

FoggyNelson Wed 19-Aug-20 15:42:57

I use dot spots from Amazon. They're less than £10 a pack, and I couldn't live without them. Any hydrocolloid patch will do, and dot spots seem to be the best at its price point. They pull out all the pus, and as a bonus, prevent you from scratching, either consciously or unconsciously. Plus, I really enjoy looking at how much pus comes out blush

Frankiemintz Wed 19-Aug-20 18:42:15

Thanks, I’ve ordered the gel and the spots. I’ll try them out and see how it goes.....

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Esbm2015 Wed 19-Aug-20 22:50:49

Clinique blemish gel really works for me

Immigrantsong Thu 20-Aug-20 14:57:28

Differin from Boots.

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