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Facial brushing. I'm gobsmacked.

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ladybee28 Wed 19-Aug-20 09:04:04

Was given a facial dry brush as part of a gift a couple of weeks ago.

Have never even considered this in the past, and would probably have mocked the idea of doing it. But I was bored a few days ago and decided to give it a try. Looked up how to do it properly on YouTube, and off I went. Brushing my face.

And it felt.... AMAZING. I got tingles all down the back of my waist and my legs, my jaw relaxed, I felt all buzzy and relaxed... and I've done it ever morning and night since and I swear my skin is more glowy and plump.

Have I lost my marbles? Has 2020 fully melted my brain? Or is this a real thing?

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LeGrandBleu Wed 19-Aug-20 09:15:12

I do a whole body brush every day insisting a lot on legs. May I suggest you upgrade to the whole body. Great for circulation l, great skin and body awareness I guess.

morriseysquif Wed 19-Aug-20 23:57:28

Sounds great, gua sha has a similar effect.

What kind of brush did you use, was it on dry skin?

Angbunnyboo Thu 20-Aug-20 18:20:00

This sounds good and there are some reasonably priced ones. I'm wondering if you can use this if you use AHA's etc, or if it would be too much exfoliation?

ladybee28 Thu 20-Aug-20 18:41:40

@morriseysquif it's not branded so I don't know which I have - it's a wooden handle and the bristles are very soft and quite short. It looks like this one, but it's not that brand.

@Angbunnyboo I use a retinol and I'm not experiencing any irritation –but I'm no expert so I'm not sure...

@LeGrandBleu I'm definitely going to try a full body brush - got one on the way from Amazon and I can't wait!

Would never have thought I'd be a convert to this, but I totally am!

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BunnyLovesBananas Thu 20-Aug-20 21:31:38

I think dry body brushing is great so this sounds very interesting OP

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