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Non drying alternative to hairspray

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SmallYappyTypeDog Wed 19-Aug-20 08:00:17

I have to tie my hair back for work. My hair is fine, slippy and quite frizzy. I also have the growing out halo of hair after having a baby! I tie it in a ponytail and have been using the Elnett special care hairspray to stick it all down and keep it neat. But my hair at the front is getting very dry and making the frizz worse so it sticks up even more. I tried switching to a strong hold gel but it didnt really hold properly. I dont want have to keep redoing my hair during the day - I just dont have the time (busy NHS job). I am not fussed about something which needs to be washed out as I work 3 days straight with no time for socialising at night, but dont want my hair to look like its really greasy.

I am really focusing on getting myself back and working on improving the condition of my hair as it gets me down. But when its dry and straw like at the front it is always going to look crap. Any ideas of what I can try instead? Thank you smile

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