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Handbag advice - Victoria Beckham and Rebecca Minkoff

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DIKateFleming Tue 18-Aug-20 19:12:55

I’ve wasted a few hours on the Outnet this afternoon. I’ve seen a couple of bags I like from Victoria Beckham, and one from Rebecca Minkoff, does anyone have any? Are they good quality, they’re a few hundred rounds rather than the two grand the VB one would have been originally.

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botemp Tue 18-Aug-20 20:10:04

Rebecca Minkoff, meh, it's mostly made in China. Not stellar quality in designer handbag territory, nor original designs, but if you're more used to upper end of the high street you'll be pleased.

Victoria Beckham bags are nicely made but depending on the style they don't all age well and the hardware can be susceptible to malfunctioning/breaking. The leather marks easily and that can be annoying on the more boxy/sculptural pristine designs. You can't be rough on them basically and be useful as a bag in your rotation as opposed to your main bag. I'd save your money at RRP but they tend to go at 60-70% off in the sales which makes them a pretty good deal, which it sounds like the Outnet is coming down to.

DIKateFleming Tue 18-Aug-20 20:19:44

Thanks, very helpful

This is the VB bag I was looking at. Looks a good size and stylist, day to day bag has been a large LK Bennet Leather tote, but it’s a bit past it’s best

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