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Best translucent face powder

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Suzyseis Tue 18-Aug-20 15:26:01

In my 40’s but still get shiny - I’m looking for an excellent quality translucent face powder. The best I have tried is HD Perfecting Powder by Chantecaille but it is soooo pricey and the pan broke before it was finished so am a bit reluctant to re- purchase. Any other recommendations?

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Suzyseis Tue 18-Aug-20 18:59:10

Anyone? Please?

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WrinklesShminkles Tue 18-Aug-20 19:03:02

Is it pressed or loose powder that you use? If pressed, Mac Blot is excellent. If loose, I like Fenty Beauty (in Lavender but they have a range of yellow based shades too). Both seem a bit dear but you get a lot/they last well.

Gonegrey31 Tue 18-Aug-20 19:04:35

Boots No 7 Airbrush away powder compact is excellent, often on 3 for 2. I really rate it, shade translucent.

Ivgotasecretcanyoukeepit Tue 18-Aug-20 19:30:47

Laura Mercier is the best in my experience.

cwtchesandprosecco Tue 18-Aug-20 19:35:27

I second Laura Mercier and Fenty Beauty (I use the shade butter)

cwtchesandprosecco Tue 18-Aug-20 19:36:19

Oh, and I keep Charlotte Tilbury magic powder in my bag for touch ups.

andadietcoke Tue 18-Aug-20 19:39:56

BeautyPie one powder wonder is very good - that's my handbag one, CT magic loose powder for when I do my makeup on the morning.

Wolfcub Tue 18-Aug-20 19:40:55

Clarins pore et matique

MabelMoo23 Tue 18-Aug-20 19:42:29

I use By Terry. It’s superb

WisestIsShe Tue 18-Aug-20 19:42:43

I like Bare Minerals mineral veil. You only need a very little and it looks great.

Dinnertime22 Tue 18-Aug-20 19:43:20

I have tried many over the years. Current best find is Bare Minerals. Lasts a 12 hour shift with only one touch up. The second is Mac.

Lunaballoon Tue 18-Aug-20 19:44:25

Another LM fan here. The pressed translucent powder is excellent - completely invisible but matifies and gives a nice “finished” look.

nitgel Tue 18-Aug-20 19:46:35

I've used no7 for years

Zeldaaa Tue 18-Aug-20 19:46:48

I really like By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Pressed Powder

Coffeepot72 Tue 18-Aug-20 19:50:10

I have slightly oily skin and find loose powder works better. I always used Corn Silk powder, which was sadly discontinued, but find Clinique Loose powder to be a good alternative

OchonAgusOchonO Tue 18-Aug-20 19:50:23

Another vote for Bare Minerals mineral veil.

seensome Tue 18-Aug-20 19:56:27

Another vote for no7 airbrush compact, great budget buy and is very fine.
I also like aveda and Clinique

Suzyseis Tue 18-Aug-20 20:24:27

Oh thanks for all the recommendations- will have a look on line but maybe hold off till I can try a few in store...

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ChickenDipper28 Tue 18-Aug-20 21:42:28

Laura Mercier!

BikeTyson Tue 18-Aug-20 21:43:53

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Pressed Powder

This is my favourite, although I think the packaging feels really cheap for something so expensive. It’s great stuff though.

Ponks Tue 18-Aug-20 22:16:00

A great budget loose powder is Revolution hydramat (think that's its name). More expensive but very good is Bye Bye Pores by IT Cosmetics.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 18-Aug-20 22:49:49

By Terry here too. It is very expensive, but one pot lasts me at least a year with daily use.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 18-Aug-20 22:50:53

(I use a loose version.)

Craftycorvid Tue 18-Aug-20 23:10:49

A moment to mourn the passing of Corn Silk 😞

However, Kat Von D loose powder is very good and doesn’t change the colour of your base.

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