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Is the Dyson Airwrap worth it?

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RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 09:53:12

Not too fussed about full on curls but more interested in that smooth blow dry look, with volume.

My hair is naturally curly and frizzy, used to be very thick but now I’m mid 30s it’s thinning a bit (still long)!

I’ve tried to have my hair naturally curly but it’s always a bit frizzy near the scalp - have also tried the curly girl method and ‘plopping’.

Is the dyson easy to use?
Will it smooth out the frizz and give me shine?
With it give me some bounce and volume?

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RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 10:06:29

Also... it must be easy to use!

I’ve used the babyliss rotating brush thing and my hair kept getting stuck in the barrel

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Oldestchild90s Tue 18-Aug-20 10:16:13

Never used it but look at the price 😱 however Dyson products are normally really good so if you have the money and want to treat yourself.. why not?! 😛

AlternativePerspective Tue 18-Aug-20 10:18:18

Of the people I know who achieved the look they wanted, they all said that it took at least a couple of months to get it right.

Sorry but anything that costs that much should work straightaway and not need some kind of super effort to get where you want.

Thecobwebsarewinning Tue 18-Aug-20 10:22:51

I own every hair device ever advertised as giving bounce shine and volume including the AirWrap and the Big Hair. I loved the Big `hair at first but like you had problems with hair getting caught. I bought the Airwrap the day it was released but am very disillusioned with it. It gives great results for 20 minutes and then all the volume and oomph drops out. I use it occasionally but I won’t replace it when it it breaks.

At the moment my preferred method is to rough dry to 90% with the £299 Dyson hairdryer, it’s quick and leaves my hair very shiny. Then I add shape and volume with the Revlon One Step or a Babyliss hot air styler. Both give me lots of body and movement that last 2 or 3 days.

Babyliss -

Revlon -

Cuddling57 Tue 18-Aug-20 10:23:39

I am looking at this but the price is huge! I think they give you a trial? Not sure if you have to pay to send it back though? Also does it take a lot longer than normal hairdryers?

Sandsungin Tue 18-Aug-20 10:24:31

I have one and I found it takes some getting used too for sure it attracts your hair and curls it from damp.

Plus side is it stops heat damage my hair feels much better.

Downside is it takes some getting used too but once you get the hang of it it's amazing.

I got mine from Here and it came quickly and have had no problems with it smile

CatToddlerUprising Tue 18-Aug-20 10:26:17

The Revlon one marked above is brilliant. I read up on reviews that compare it to the Dyson and there wasn’t much difference apart from cost

SarahBellam Tue 18-Aug-20 11:41:42

I have the Revlon one and my hair looks always looks like I’ve just had a salon blow dry.

ChrissyPlummer Tue 18-Aug-20 11:45:00

I have one and wish I’d just got the dryer on it’s own. As pp said, it can take a long time to get used to and a long time to style your hair. My curls also dropped more or less straight away and I did find it a faff. The dryer is brilliant though!

makingmyway10 Tue 18-Aug-20 11:49:03

I love mine. I have fine straight shoulder length hair and use the volume and smooth brushes. I really think my hair is in better condition for using it more shiny. I have not used the curling brushes yet though . My hair looks more styled and finished now. I have the Dyson dryer too which I love but the air wrap is just brilliant.

RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 11:58:33

The dryer... is that to use to blow dry hair?

I can’t blow dry to save my life! At the moment I roughly dry it then straighten

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Gonegrey31 Tue 18-Aug-20 12:27:33

I have just the dryer and it has transformed my fine but frizzy hair, makes it swishy and bouncy. I use a barrel brush with it, watch what a hairdresser does to blow dry . I no longer need straighteners. Condition of my hair vastly improved.

ChrissyPlummer Tue 18-Aug-20 12:48:01

There is a brush attachment with the Airwrap that I found gave body at the roots but smoothes as well. I used that way more than the curl barrels. I still had to straighten it if I wanted more than a day out of the style or to sleep on it and it be OK in the morning. That’s just my hair type though!

UpToonGirl Tue 18-Aug-20 13:02:05

I've got both the Dyson and the revlon and in terms of smoothing and straightening the revlon is the best, however I dont use it anymore as it was really damaging my hair.

The Dyson I feel is much less damaging and gives nice results but it's not great at totally eliminating frizz.

RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 13:02:50

Confused now!

Is this the Revlon tool that has been mentioned up thread?

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RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 13:04:25

Thanks @UpToonGirl

That is what I’m worried about - heat and style damage. The babyliss tool really tangled my hair and tore through it. Plus the heat what incredible. My hair is much more fragile now I’m dyeing the greys, I just want it to look healthy and luscious!

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Elieza Tue 18-Aug-20 13:17:42

I buy stuff from QVC U.K. (channel 660 on sky or online) and they generally do 3 or 4 monthly payments on dear things like that and you get 60 days trial with full money back if you return it.

It’s no bother to return things. All you do is lose the price if the postage.

Well worth it for expensive items you’d be scared to buy in case they weren’t as good as you’d expected.

They had the airwrap but you’d need to see if it’s still available. Worth a look grin

IloveJudgeJudy Tue 18-Aug-20 13:30:36

I have the Dyson hairdryer and it's transformational. I tried the Airwrap but was very disappointed. With the dryer you must dry down the hair shaft. It makes my hair look much sleeker and it's much less damaged, whereas the Airwrap dries the ends more than the roots so I found my hair was much drier. I really wanted to love it. On the upside I bought a Coach handbag instead wink

Squeaky78 Tue 18-Aug-20 13:34:53

I've recently purchased the dyson, having used the revlon volumising brush for 2 years. The dyson smoothing brush makes my hair so much smoother and sleeker than the Revlon. The revlon blows air out in all directions so fluffed up the top layer of my hair and made the tiny baby hairs stand out and frizz, whereas the dyson smooths everything down.

I haven't tried the curling tool fully yet. It certainly gives big bouncy ringlets at first but whether they last I can't yet comment.

The big thing for me is the amount of damage they do. The revlon caused me to have major hair breakage.

RogueV Tue 18-Aug-20 13:39:32

Yes I have been looking at QVC, seems like a good shout!

I do wonder what they do to all the returned items though?!

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UtMalumPluvia Tue 18-Aug-20 13:41:40

I LOVE mine.

Think, lanky, fine hair that has never held a curl. The airwrap changed that and while they don't last overnight they do last all day and second day hair may not be curly but it has lovely volume that I've never had.

I've not used any other hair tool since. When I add up the cost of my previous hairdryer, curling wands and straighteners the air wrap actually works out cheaper and for me it has replaced them all.

Saying that, I know people who don't like it, my sisters curls with it never stay in more than hour and I've tried all sorts. Her hair is much thicker than mine.

UtMalumPluvia Tue 18-Aug-20 13:45:40

Also the revlon one, my sister has that and the results were good but it pulled a lot of my hair out where as the brush with the dyson smoothing brush doesn't for me.

stepmotherofone Tue 18-Aug-20 13:54:34


Yes I have been looking at QVC, seems like a good shout!

I do wonder what they do to all the returned items though?!

I worked there years ago and they had a staff shop where they sold returned stuff. It doesn’t go back on the shelf to go out to other customers

Crystalspider Tue 18-Aug-20 15:28:04

It's very good, makes drying hair straight quick and easy, the brush gets right into the roots and dries the back easily.
I do still need to use straighteners though after though as I have very frizzy hair naturally.
The best thing for me though is, it doesn't get as hot as a regular hairdryer so is saving some future heat damage.
The curling attachments I can't really be bothered with so much for daily use, although for a special occasion it could look nice.

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