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Make up and eczema

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AllHallowsEve14 Mon 17-Aug-20 20:48:40

I have quite bad flare ups of eczema/contact dermatitis/fuck knows what regularly on my face. Mostly around my eyes and lips, and I haven't worn make up for months now as it just makes it much much worse. Hydrocortisone helps but as soon as I stop it is back again, it's really getting me down now. Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing or know of a brand of make up that I might be able to try?

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CatToddlerUprising Mon 17-Aug-20 20:55:23

I love Vichy Dermablend, it blends really well, stays on all day and you only need a tiny amount to cover

PenOrPencil Mon 17-Aug-20 20:58:48

You shouldn’t really put steroid creams on your face. Have you tried other emollients? Unfortunately everybody has to find what works for them... products with urea (like Eucerin) or the Weleda skin food work on my face.

The important thing is to keep your make up and any sponges or brushes very clean and to take it all off gently but properly in the evening to give your skin a rest. I use coconut oil and an old fashioned face cloth with warm water.

Eczema on the face is double shit, you have my sympathy!

NotHotPot Mon 17-Aug-20 21:58:21

I just don’t wear make up regularly, otherwise it flares. Washing my face with bar soap made for eczema and psoriasis and warm water and a clean flannel each night helps, but I can only go a couple of days in a row wearing make up even doing that.

WhatIfWhatIf Mon 17-Aug-20 23:17:56

I have had awful eczema over the last few years, especially on my face. You have my sympathy, I know how awful it can be and how much it has got me down at times.

Things that have helped me are:

1) Getting as much sleep as possible - easier said than done but late nights make my skin almost instantly worse.

2) Going to see a good homeopath. I saw my GP countless times and was referred to dermatologists but all that happened was that they would prescribe usually some sort of topical/oral steroids which would clear it up but as soon as I stopped them it came straight back. I was getting desperate and someone recommended a homeopath. She has made more of a long term difference to my skin than either GP or dermatologist. (She has also cleared up my 2 year old's eczema.)

3) Neal's Yard Almond Oil - I use this a lot! I use it for cleansing my face and neck but I also slather it on during the day if my skin feels dry, itchy or irritated. I find it really soothing and it means at times when I would have resorted to hydrocortisone in the past, I can get away without using it. (Annoyingly it comes in a bottle with a screw lid but you can buy a pump separately which makes dispensing considerably easier! - In looking it up I've just read the reviews - I use it around my eyes and have certainly not had the problems described by one reviewer and I have super sensitive skin.)

To answer your original question, though, I use Chantecaille make up now which I think I learned about here when writing a similar post to yours some time ago. It is eye-wateringly expensive but it is the only brand I have found which doesn't either instantly irritate my skin and cause eczema to flare up or clump on any little eczema patches I might have in order to emphasise them and make me look worse. I try to justify the obscene prices to myself by telling myself I don't wear make up often so it lasts me a long time...

RAOK Mon 17-Aug-20 23:19:17

Is it your masks? Face masks have given me terrible eczema on my face.

AllHallowsEve14 Tue 18-Aug-20 06:22:13

@PenOrPencil I really don't like using it on my face, especially around my eyes but it gets so bad and that's the only thing that helps.

@RAOK face mask definitely doesn't help as it irritates but it has been going on a lot longer than this pandemic unfortunately!

Thank you for the replies and suggestions. It's great to have some new ideas to try, hopefully one of them is the one that works for me because it is a constant everyday battle that I'm tired of.

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titsbumfannythelot Tue 18-Aug-20 06:37:34

What do you use to remove your makeup? Using micellar water really dries out my skin and makes it dry and cracked. Using a cleansing balm has helped me, as has using a tinted moisturiser rather than foundation.

pinkbalconyrailing Tue 18-Aug-20 06:44:33

You shouldn’t really put steroid creams on your face.

ever had eczema on your face? of course an inflammation of the skin needs appropriate treatment or it can leave scars. and feels utter miserable.

op when I get a flare up I can't wear make up at all. maybe some mascara.
you need to find your trigger (food, skin care products, allergies) and go from there.
a perfume free urea moisturiser from the pharmacy helps me.

Carycy Tue 18-Aug-20 06:52:28

@Penorpencil you really shouldn’t give dermatology advice to an eczema sufferer. As one my self and having a son with severe eczema, who has had many dermatologist appointments they will tell you that steroid fear is a real problem and can lead to more problems from people avoiding them for too long. I learnt that the hard way with my son. Yes a gp or chemist will be wary but if they have been prescribed they are perfectLy sage and prolonged eczema flare ups are far more damaging to the skin long term than a few days of steroid use. My sons dermatologist specifically told me you would have to use hydrocortisone for 5 years straight on the face to cause any real long term damage.

Op I have found led light face masks have really helped up clear up eczema on my eyes. I have heard bare minerals is good as a sensitive makeup and like the ready eyeshadows. I often just focus on the rest of my face and leave the eyes. I dye my lashes regularly rather than using mascara and curl them and I dye my eyebrows too.

Carycy Tue 18-Aug-20 06:53:11

* safe not sage

ArtemisBean Tue 18-Aug-20 06:53:37

I used to be unable to wear anything on my eyes, but I've found that Bare Minerals makeup is pretty safe as long as it's only now and again. Sympathies, op. Eczema is rubbish!

RD15 Tue 18-Aug-20 08:13:43

Are you sure it’s eczema? Is it rash like at all? I’m just wondering if it’s perioral/orbital dermatitis. I had that when I was pregnant with my son; I used a steroid cream but it came straight back xx

lockdownfeelings Tue 18-Aug-20 09:03:01

Try pure aloe Vera gel every day to control the flare ups. It did wonders for me! If you can get hold of Ana low Vera plant and get the gel straight from it it's even better.

lockdownfeelings Tue 18-Aug-20 09:03:43

Aloe Vera plant! I hate the autocorrect

NotHotPot Wed 19-Aug-20 07:53:08

It’s very individual - on me, Bare Minerals causes a flare up (Clinique is best, but can’t use too often) and aloe vera straight from the plant strings horribly.

misscockerspaniel Wed 19-Aug-20 09:38:39

Eczema around the eyes is horrible. Argan 5 eye cream from Waitrose has helped me keep that at bay for the last few years but they have been feeling a bit itchy in the really hot weather (and I am sure that is due to the weather).

Several weeks ago, a dermatologist on This Morning said the best emolument for eczema-prone skin is Apro Derm Colloidal Oat Cream. So, I have bought some online and am giving it a go on my face.

But as pp have said, what suits one won't necessarily work for another eg I can't use Bare Minerals make-up.

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