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Tear trough fillers advice?

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SatanicDesk Tue 18-Aug-20 00:05:01

I wouldn’t expect to pay for a follow up - I would expect this should be included? For me I paid £500 for the consultation, then C.£200 to proceed with the filler (1ml).

When I went back for the check up, if more was needed then I’d have paid an additional c.£200 for extra filler. As it stands, I didn’t need the top up, however the Dr said that when it wears off (which it only now very slightly is) that I can come back for my £200 “top up” any time hence only thinking about taking advantage of this now.

I’m pretty surprised about others experiences! I don’t speak about it irl so have never compared notes, but I assumed that others would have similar results. I only paid so much as I only wanted the most experienced person to go near my eyes, so went with a surgeon specialising in eye surgery (& also eye trauma reconstruction surgery specialist in NHS) because I wanted to be in safe hands, but he also must have done a ridiculously good job listening to others!

If you’re not happy with the results, def go back as they’ll be expecting to do a top up - my Dr was surprised I didn’t need one so it’s pretty standard.

Userr19037 Mon 17-Aug-20 15:30:51

Thank you for the replies.

Can I ask how much filler you all had? So far I've been £450 and I don't know if I can justify spending anymore if there is little improvement. I had talked myself into it thinking the same as you all that it would help and give me a boost in confidence after being an exhausted mum but so far all I feel is guilt for spending so much.

I had never had fillers previously and took the plunge for tear trough and a little in my lips so it was mentioned I could go back after 2 weeks IF I need it massaged but no mention about needing a follow up re tear trough but only if I wanted more added. I don't know if I'll need to pay for this appt or if its worth another attempt and more money.

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Bloodylush Mon 17-Aug-20 14:55:29

I thought the result was rubbish and a complete waste of money. Also an unpleasant procedure and I bruised badly.

SatanicDesk Mon 17-Aug-20 14:42:03

I have had this and I think it’s normal to go back a couple of weeks afterward for a top up if required. I’d ring up and arrange this appt as it is an expected part of the treatment.

Wait until after your follow up before you get disappointed- your treatment is not complete & it’s normal for it to settle. Better to add more rather than put too much in!!!

I didn’t need a top up after the initial shebang (I went back a month later), but not to need a top-up after the first treatment is unusual and am starting to need one now (over 2 years later), I also went to a plastic surgeon as I was petrified (had never had fillers previously), but he was over £700!!!

It’s seriously changed my life as I’d had hollows since my late teens and it really transformed my confidence- stick with it and wait until you’ve got an “end result” before judging the outcome. Good luck OP flowers

Dannemora Mon 17-Aug-20 14:30:00

I had it done, and had a review after a week. At the review I needed a top up. I’m now 18 months on, and I think it was a waste for me It was a lot of money (plastic surgeon, not a beauty clinic, and was £450) for little impact. I’m planning on getting eye surgery instead in a year or two when Covid is under control

Userr19037 Mon 17-Aug-20 14:22:03

So I finally took the plunge and got it done after years of wanting it and years of my under eyes becoming more hollow. I had 1ml volbella filler. The lady said I'd see results straight away and I could see a good difference straight after treatment.

I'm now 4 days after and it looks more or less exactly as it did before the treatment. Is this normal? Does it just settle and had looked better straight after. Obviously I know there would have been an element of swelling but I feel like I have spent money on nothing basically. I contacted them when it started going down and said I may need more and was told to wait 2 weeks and review but now its just getting worse and worse. I'm really disappointed.
Has anyone had any experience?

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