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Who's been shopping lately? How has it changed?

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Mon 17-Aug-20 14:18:12

Pre-lockdown I lived for shopping. Loved going to the mall to see the new styles, loved experimenting with fashion and trying things on. Since covid I've found myself in a real rut as I've worked from home for the past 5 months (did not even leave the house for the first 3 of those). I've practically lived in black leggings which just keep getting tighter and sheerer as the weeks go by because I'm putting on weight from not exercising and comfort eating.

I really miss my monthly shopping trips into London and going to malls like Westfield and Bluewater. I'm curious to hear how your shopping habits and personal style have changed since covid. Have you been shopping recently? Last I heard the shops weren't even allowing you to try on clothes!?! That's a pain in the ass if I'm travelling into london, and buy something at selfridges for example where I would then need to make a trip back into London to return it.

Have you continued (or started again) to dress with more style (rather than loungewear at home)? Are you buying new items from new seasons, or do you feel like there's little point anymore?

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Pinkflipflop85 Mon 17-Aug-20 14:22:17

I go to Bluewater quite often because it is 5 minutes down the road. It's not a particularly enjoyable experience. Wearing a mask, following the one way system, queuing to get in shops then queueing again if you actually want to buy something.

WineGetsMeThroughIt Mon 17-Aug-20 14:30:36

@Pinkflipflop85 would you say it's busy? Obviously not as busy as it would be, but are there a decent number of people in the shops? Can you try things on yet? And yes, that's one of the main turn offs for me is having to wear a mask for hours on end. Takes the enjoyment out of the whole experience. I dislike online shopping so much, but feel like a might be a minority on that.

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Pinkflipflop85 Mon 17-Aug-20 14:37:47

We popped there today to collect something. It was absolutely heaving with people!

Fitting rooms are closed.

WineGetsMeThroughIt Mon 17-Aug-20 15:28:49

@Pinkflipflop85 Thanks. Such a shame fitting rooms are still closed. I'm surprised to hear it was so busy though.

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Pipandmum Mon 17-Aug-20 15:32:27

Some shops let you try on. My son has a job in a shop and they steam the clothes after someone has tried them on, and some shops put them aside for 72 hours. Some shops limit the amount of people inside. I haven't come across a one way system now the supermarkets have abandoned it.
Other than masks there isn't much difference in my experience, but I do not live in London.

mynameiscalypso Mon 17-Aug-20 15:52:55

I went to Oxford Street last week. I was there quite early so it was very quiet. You couldn't try anything on (which doesn't bother me anyway because I can never be arsed) but it was all relatively normal. It was nice just to have a browse and buy bits and pieces that took my fancy. In Bluewater, do you have to wear your mask at all times because your inside? That would put me off vs Oxford Street where I put one on when I went into shops and then took it off when I came out.

Destinysdaughter Mon 17-Aug-20 15:58:49

Can't try clothes on which is a pain. When TK Maxx opened near me there was a queue of about 40 pp outside! Hand sanitiser at the door, shops much quieter than normal. Loads of sales on. No testers in Boots. Smaller shops will only allow a few pp in at the time. However I did find a pair of sandals I'd tried on before which were half price so I snapped them up! smile

Pinkflipflop85 Mon 17-Aug-20 16:21:06

Yes, masks absolutely everywhere in bluewater. I picked up a costa to go the other day because I like drinking my coffee while I stroll round....but couldn't drink it because of the mask! Big fail.

purplecorkheart Mon 17-Aug-20 16:49:29

I haven't been shopping but a friend was the other day. She was told to try a dress on in the loos in a Major chain store when she was trying to decide whether to buy it or not . They offered to take off the security tag for her. Bear in mind she was looking at a maxi dress that she would have to get taken up.

achillesratty Mon 17-Aug-20 17:57:19

It's changed how I pay for things. I wanted so new jeans, I am nearly 5'4 so sometimes wear regular fit, sometimes petite and I can be either a 12 or 14 depending on the cut. I usually take at least six pairs into the changing room in different size/length combinations but because I can't do that now I order on line and use Clearpay, Klarna etc.

It splits the bill into four payments so I can order more to try, knowing I will only keep one or two pairs but don't have a bit chunk of money waiting to be refunded when I send the unsuitable pairs back.

Normally I don't use pay after delivery or split payments but it makes sense now when I need to order multiple sizes, styles for fit.

jay55 Mon 17-Aug-20 18:01:07

I've been through Canary Wharf and a lot of places have not reopened yet. Not braved Westfield yet.
Went to dinner near Oxford st last week and it was super crowded, probably not as busy as usual but felt it after the quiet

Eaumyword Mon 17-Aug-20 19:13:02

I love shopping too!
We've been in a few times recently (East Mids) and it is reasonably busy but not scarily so. Most people wear masks, but some don't and some people do come too close. Mostly the non mask wearers and I am wondering if there's a correlation there.
All shops I went in had their fitting rooms closed, but the returns policies are much better, so I feel more confident buying.
It was so lovely to go in, but it does feel slightly more 'soulless' than before lockdown imho.
Not too many sizes available and lots of previous season clothes for obvious reasons.
I do worry that the High Street won't ever recover from this situation and a lot of commercial property will go residential.

WineGetsMeThroughIt Mon 17-Aug-20 19:50:10

That's interesting it's so busy. Great for the economy. Perhaps not so much for my covid anxiety lol. Wonder how SBS (or other stylists for that matter) is operating her personal shopping experiences or if they're all online now.

Like someone posted on here, I do love the Klarna and ClearPay options for ordering multiple sizes online. But I just much prefer to try on clothes in person to see the fabric and the way they hang and find other things that compliment them in the store.

Thing is, I find I just have no occasion anymore to need to purchase new clothes. I don't join with video on Skype calls for work, and really miss going out to dinner and dressing up. I hope the world goes back to normal one day lol

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earsup Mon 17-Aug-20 23:18:15

Westfield Stratford fairly quiet..lots of shops close early...covent garden was empty last Monday...was quite surreal...Soho and China town busy with Chinese tourists eating out !.. Oxford st quiet...we heard lots of northern accents and the odd American...

Deathraystare Wed 19-Aug-20 17:27:51

I haven't been to Oxford Street (would really need a good excuse to there!) but have not even bothered with Westfield. I am all out of love for shopping.! I go to the local small supermarkets for food stuff but cannot be arsed with anything else (though I did manage to get to Primark on a Saturday which was not at all crowded and I did not have to queue).

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