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How to have a good tan

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Avelosa Mon 17-Aug-20 11:14:28

I have always been very pale with freckles and blonde hair. I now have dyed dark hair which I love and will be keeping, but it does make me look paler. I would love to have a decent tan but just don’t know how to go about it

I’ve had spray tans in the past which were fine. I’ve also tried doing my own fake tan at home, but I never really get a great result, and my job involves washing my hands a lot so it often goes streaky and comes off quickly

I have considered sunbeds but the advice/information is so conflicting, with some saying that they can be fine in moderation, and others saying to never even chance it. I am leaning more towards the not doing it due to the risks, but I just don’t know what other options there are. I don’t necessarily want a massively dark or strong tan, just a bit of colour so I don’t look so pale and ill all the timeblush

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