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Backless bra for wedding dress

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pleasecaffeinateme Sun 16-Aug-20 20:38:15

Someone please help me sad

I've just had an unexpected phone call from my wedding dress shop that my dress is ready. I have 14 days to go see it, try it on etc and pay the balance so I'm going this coming Saturday. God knows if it'll fit cause I've put on about half a stone since I was measured for it but that's another bloody story.

This is my the T&C's of buying my dress, it says underwear and shoes intended for the wedding day must be worn for all fittings.

So I need a backless bra, I'm a 36F. I can't find one anywhere, they only seem to go up to D. Does anyone have any recommendations? I had found some styles suitable but they don't have my size and I just thought I'd have more time to sort it out. I should've bought it when I first saw it, I'm an idiot..

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YesINameChangeEveryDay Sun 16-Aug-20 22:21:43

Depending on the type of dress you may not need a bra. If it has any sort of corset or boning you don't need one.
I was a 32g on my wedding day and completely comfortable without one.

TheMarzipanDildo Sun 16-Aug-20 22:25:09

I can’t help you but your dress is stunning!

BuffaloCauliflower Sun 16-Aug-20 22:28:36

You wouldn’t usually wear a bra with a wedding dress, get them to sew cups in if the dress doesn’t have them. I’m a 32G, my dress had a similar back, no need for bra.

Margo34 Sun 16-Aug-20 22:31:46

Is your dress boned? You probably won't need a bra and will likely be much comfier without anyway

mintich Sun 16-Aug-20 22:33:53

My seamstress sewed the front of my bra into my dress

excelledyourself Sun 16-Aug-20 23:05:33

No boobs here, so no help, but just wanted to say your dress is gorgeous, OP. I hope you have the best day.

pleasecaffeinateme Mon 17-Aug-20 07:54:32

Thank you everyone. I will mention sewing cups into the dress on Saturday then. That would be amazing if they can! I can't remember if it had boning though.

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peachypetite Mon 17-Aug-20 08:11:42

You shouldn’t be wearing a bra under a wedding dress. Especially as you’re busty, it will just push everything up and over. The seamstress will sew cups in.

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