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Smiggle watch weirdness

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threesecrets Sun 16-Aug-20 22:12:50

I'm going to email Smiggle but not holding my breath

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threesecrets Sun 16-Aug-20 22:09:40

Bugger bugger buggger... I thought that was a piece of rubbish and chucked it. Thanks for the photos though. Looks like I'm at square one. What a silly watch!

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damnthatanxiety Sun 16-Aug-20 21:00:21

Your watch appears to have one charm missing. There is a hole with no charm. That missing one is a button with larger back and longer stem. It does the thing up.

Thinkle Sun 16-Aug-20 20:11:56

So I think it’s the charm at the top in your photo that you pop the back of through the appropriate hole on the bottom strap. Although, in these photos it’s more button like and differentiated by colour so is it possible your DD removed the top one and replaced it with a charm?

Thinkle Sun 16-Aug-20 20:08:00

Love a challenge. The watch is called “watch my style” and I have found these photos...

threesecrets Sun 16-Aug-20 18:42:27

I tried but it was nearly impossible with the charms. What a piece of tat!

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OneMoreLight Sun 16-Aug-20 18:40:40

Does the hole in the one side stretch over one of the beads on the other side.

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 16-Aug-20 18:13:42

Can you pull the charms out and then use them to clip it together?

KitMarlowesCodpieceOfthigh Sun 16-Aug-20 18:01:32

Are there holes on both sides? Are those charm things meant to keep it together?

threesecrets Sun 16-Aug-20 17:50:48

Nope not slap it's just floppy rubber

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kimlo Sun 16-Aug-20 13:40:31

It's a slap strap, like those braclets you get. Hold it by the strap, hit it on to your wrist and the bands will fold.

Ellewoods20 Sun 16-Aug-20 13:38:12

Sorry that should have said slap bracelet.

Ellewoods20 Sun 16-Aug-20 13:34:19

Isn't it similar to a snap bracelet? The bracelets where you hit them on your wrist and the strap folds round and fastens.

threesecrets Sun 16-Aug-20 13:17:22

This watch is getting on my nerves. it's my DD obviously not mine but we can't work out how it does up... there is no buckle! Anyone's child got this style? She has a decent watch but of course this is the one she wants to wear. Grrrr

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