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hastingsmua1 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:25:23

Just wondering how you store your beauty products like makeup and skincare? Do you keep and apply skincare in the bathroom?

Basically I have a relatively small bathroom and a lot of beauty productsgrin so trying to find the best storage solution. Thinking of maybe buying a nice rack or tiered trolley, or just keeping it all in my dressing table.

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SunshineChatter Sat 15-Aug-20 16:15:02

My skincare goes in the mirrored cabinet above my bathroom sink. I have a few bits but not lots. But I have LOTS of make up. So I bought a kneehole desk on eBay, had a glass top cut for it (great to mix foundations on) and turned it into a vanity unit. Now I store make up in the drawers and on top. E.g. one drawer for lashes, a couple for eyeshadowns, one for palettes, etc. However I understand not everyone has the space for a desk in their bathroom.

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