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500BusStops Fri 14-Aug-20 10:38:09

I'm considering getting some Solovair boots as the soles on my DMs have split (it never happened when I wore them in the 90s!) and I don't think they are good quality anymore

Does anyone have them? What's the quality like?

Thanks smile

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Pandsbear Fri 14-Aug-20 10:52:58

I have a pair of the 3 hole shoes and they have been good quality. Think I am on winter number 3 coming up. I also have a pair of Toast X Solovair boots and they are also good but quite heavy.

However you need to try them on I think as the lasts they use for the sizes seem to vary by style. The shoes are pretty narrow (but that suits my foot); the boots are much wider and generally larger but that might be something to do with the collaboration with Toast. No sign of soles splitting but I don’t wear them all day everyday (like I used to do with my DMs when I was younger!)

EraOfTheGrey Fri 14-Aug-20 13:13:21

I've just bought a pair of solovair astronaut boots and I love them. I have a dozen pairs of DM's but the ones I bought last winter were absolutely rubbish. I wish I had sent them back.

I've only just received my Solovair and they do remind me of the quality of DM's back in the day. They are soft leather and I imagine minimal breaking in if any. They toe box is smaller than DM 1460's and a little narrower.

MikeUniformMike Fri 14-Aug-20 14:06:37

I have several pairs.
The sizing is weird, so order more than one size if ordering by post.

I have the 8-hole boots that look like DMs, and I went down a size.
The quality is miles better than DMs.

The shoes - sizing depends on the style. In the 4-hole gibson, I went down a size.

They are comfortable, but heavy.

I love the Astronaut boots but I have DM Emmelines so can't justify them or can I?

I got my solovairs on ebay. They come up quite often.
The boots looked brand new and were on for £25 buy it now, so I did. I love them.

500BusStops Fri 14-Aug-20 14:10:32

Thanks all that's really helpful! The toe box on my DM 1460s looks a little... clown-like! So this sounds exactly what I'm looking for. Noted the advice about sizing too.

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MikeUniformMike Fri 14-Aug-20 14:25:43

Here are my boots

500BusStops Fri 14-Aug-20 14:54:36

@MikeUniformMike they are lovely!!

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MikeUniformMike Tue 18-Aug-20 18:13:55

I've also got the same in patent but they are much more worn. They were impulse e-bay buys and dirt cheap. When they turned up they were not the size listed. confused
I wear them with insoles.

luggageandbags Tue 18-Aug-20 20:19:48

I got my Solovair x Toast last September and I wore them most days last Autumn and winter, I love them. I wore them with cropped trousers, jeans and dresses, on school drop offs and work conferences. The only difference I can tell is that the Toast version have hooks instead of the top three holes and it is a useful little feature for putting on and off more quickly. The only niggle was that the lace snapped and had to be replaced three months in but that’s a small problem.

They look better the more I wear them and don’t find them heavy at all.

MikeUniformMike Tue 18-Aug-20 20:31:14

They are not heavy as such but they are heavier than DMs. Just checked. smile

I have some that I will be listing on ebay in a couple of months.

LoeliaPonsonby Tue 18-Aug-20 21:58:16

I have the burgundy rub off brogues and they are awesome shoes. Quality is awesome, I might consider astronaut boots if I can spring to them.

Floisme Tue 18-Aug-20 22:38:10

Big Solovair fan. I've got their Monkey Boots and some Solovair for Toast Derby shoes (I think they're called that - flat and lace-up). Both were from the factory outlet shop in Northampton - 60% off as I remember. And I've just bought the hiker boots, also from the Toast range, in the sales. They're like Dr Martens used to be back in the day. They take a bit of breaking in but I expect them all to last the rest of my life. And, unlike Dr Martens, all made in the UK too.

IrishMamaMia Tue 18-Aug-20 22:42:53

I've just bought some from the Toast range and the quality is beautiful but I haven't worn them properly yet. I'm in between sizes so had to size up but will wear with insoles. I love that they are made in the UK but Docs aren't anymore and they are so long lasting that they seem like an eco purchase smile

500BusStops Wed 19-Aug-20 07:26:54

I'm definitely going to get some this winter! @MikeUniformMike what size will you be putting on eBay please? Asking for a friend smile

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ForSaleChesterDraws Wed 19-Aug-20 07:48:42

I’m interested. I would never buy a pair of DMs again. I bought a pair 2 years ago and convinced myself they just needed breaking in and they would soften. I was wrong. The tongue was stitched in wrong and put pressure on part of my left foot resulted in a scar that has never healed. The skin didn’t break but it blanched white and scarred. Trying to get my money back from DM was a nightmare, dispute sending them back with multiple pictures of the tongue stitched in wrong.

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