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Skinny calf-ed ladies, where do you buy your boots (not DUO)

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Skyler Wed 03-Oct-07 13:38:40

I am after a pair of flattish knee high black boots. My legs are not that skinny, but no high street styles seem to fit round my calf (35 cm) and so they all look like wellies. I have one pair of Duo boots that fit and have wasted over £40 shock on postage over the last two years trying to get another pair. Their fitting is so erratic it pisses me off I have to pay but there you go. I just ordered Bologna in my size and they are too big at the top. I ordered a size 35cm and can fit my whole hand inside the top of the boot <sigh>, so where do you buy from? Can you point me in the right direction please?

MamaG Wed 03-Oct-07 13:45:12

I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I just measured around the fattest part of my calf and it was 32cm

I bought some boots from Schuh a few years ago that fit wonderfully

florenceuk Wed 03-Oct-07 14:12:06

I have this problem compounded by having size 35 feet - if they fit in the calf they look silly round the ankle (mind you I have very skinny calves (32-33cm) and ankles). If you can get to a fitting studio Duo should fit around the calf though as they go down to a 31 or 32 cm, they should have something that fits! Off the shelf brands that I have tried include Due Passi and also Camper make a fairly narrow fitting boot (both available online and also have outlets in London). Both still too baggy round the ankle for me. I am saving up for a custom-made pair by Selve. Also I wonder if Boden might fit as by all reports they are fairly narrow fitting?

WitnessProtectionCod Wed 03-Oct-07 14:12:45

duo is for fat boots non?

mosschops30 Wed 03-Oct-07 14:13:15

apparently boots are not supposed to be 'fitted' this season which is great cos I have the same problem as you.

WitnessProtectionCod Wed 03-Oct-07 14:13:28

have used ds3s bob the builder measurere to do mine


Mercy Wed 03-Oct-07 14:16:00

Cod, duo is for all sizes.

I also have a problem as I have very narrow feet. I found a style I liked in Clarks but my heel kept sloshing around. I did try some childrens boots on too which weren't much better tbh despite being an F fit.

Baffy Wed 03-Oct-07 14:16:09

interested in this too...

the only boots that have ever fitted me round the calf were from M&S believe it or not!

have started wearing my fave boots from Dune with a skirt even though they don't fit snugly round calf - I like the idea that this season, boots aren't supposed to be 'fitted'. I'm using that excuse now smile

Tatties Wed 03-Oct-07 14:20:04

previous thread on this - HTH!

Skyler Wed 03-Oct-07 14:23:17

See my calfs aren't even that skinny so why do I have this problem?

Cod shock. You are well skinny! Duo is for skinny and fat calfs/calves??

Like the idea they should be a bit baggy this season though.....
Will check out those recommended thanks.

WitnessProtectionCod Wed 03-Oct-07 14:24:03

no only skinny legs

cosmicdancer Wed 03-Oct-07 14:28:42

My calf is 36cm and I have just received the Elba boots from Duo today.

The fit round my calf is perfect but I still can't decide whether the foot is a bit on the large side.

I love the look of them though.

Skyler - have you complained to Duo about the sizing? If you have measured your calf accurately at the fattest point they should be a perfect fit. I would want my postage returned if that wasn't the case.

BettyBatShapedSpaghetti Wed 03-Oct-07 14:29:12

Mine measure 32 cm but I've never had a problem finding ones that fit.

However 2 pairs I own have buckles at the side at the top so can be adjusted to make them less welly like - one pair were from River Island and the others are Wrangler ( I think?)

Skyler Wed 03-Oct-07 14:31:02

Thank you. I am off to check out LaRedoute. I have tried complaining to Duo but to no avail. I even asked for a free return if I re-ordered but nada. Blooming annoying as I like the boots (they are on the model on the home page)

PillockInThePumpkin Wed 03-Oct-07 14:35:07

La Redoute is ok if you have small feet, but if you look on the size guide it shows how thw calf measurement goes up with the foot size, so my size 6 would be too wide for my skinny calf sad

Skyler Wed 03-Oct-07 14:51:23

A-ha, there is my proof that my calfs are normal. I am a size 6.5/7 so I go to 40 to be on the safe side and the calf width is 34-37 so my 35cm should be NORMAL and therefore high street.

marthamoo Wed 03-Oct-07 15:42:21

I have the same problem with boots - Clarks have enough room round the calf for me to stuff a spare pair of socks down them. I bought a pair of these last year (in black) and by tightening the buckle they are a good fit. Also have these though they are not knee-high, they fit well round the calves. Tell a lie - I did have those DM boots but the zip broke after a couple of years. I may get another pair...

LaCerbiatta Wed 03-Oct-07 16:27:33

My calves are 30cm as well and I tried some boots that fitted well in Jones. Annoyingly some models are for skinny calves, some for larger ones, instead of all models both sizes, iyswim.
Anyway, they have nice flat casual boots. hth

Skyler Wed 03-Oct-07 16:34:05

Like those Marthamoo. There were loads on the LaRedoute website. I have never shopped there before.
Perhaps will try Jones again, though they had none last year. Thanks.

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