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Tinted sunscreen

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BloomedAgain Thu 13-Aug-20 11:35:46

I need a high factor sunblock due to medication I'm on and I would love a really good sunscreen with a bit of a tint so I don't need foundation/cc cream too (I'm quite pale).
Any recommendations?

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Sunnywaves Thu 13-Aug-20 11:41:41

My favourites are
This is available on amazon.
Available in Boots

BloomedAgain Thu 13-Aug-20 12:12:50

Ooh they look great. Would they pill if I wanted to put makeup on top on more dressed up days?

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LifeInAHamsterWheel Thu 13-Aug-20 16:23:57

I love the Boots Protect & Perfect spf 50 I've used this one and it was lovely. Cheap as chips too!

45Degrees Thu 13-Aug-20 16:47:06

Has anyone found a pale tinted one? Each one I've tried have been orange! Even the la Roche posay fair one

Jedstre Thu 13-Aug-20 17:59:09

Heliocare do a tinted SPF. I don’t bother with foundation if I’m wearing it as it’s quite pigmented. I’m fair but wear the beige colour. It’s a little dark but if I wear anything too pale I’m like a ghost. The lighter colour pearl is meant to be very light so might work for you 45 degrees. I use this oil free gel but there’s other formulations

45Degrees Thu 13-Aug-20 19:09:39

Thank you Jedstre I'll have a look at that one!

BloomedAgain Thu 13-Aug-20 20:13:06

That is a good price @LifeInAHamsterWheel how much coverage does it give?
Thanks @Jedstre that looks like a good colour range.
I'm spoilt for choice

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LifeInAHamsterWheel Thu 13-Aug-20 22:05:33

Like a nice tinted moisturiser, not heavy but evens out tone etc. The sales assistant actually gave me a little sample of it as I was worried I might be allergic (I often am with sunscreen) not sure if they'd do that now with covid but would be worth asking?

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