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Good everyday cross body bag needed

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soupdragon321 Thu 13-Aug-20 11:30:10

Hello all, I'm in need of a good quality leather cross body bag. I have an old Mulberry Anthony which has been great because I can just bash about with it, but do not want to spend that kind of cash again. My budget is around £150. I'm looking for strong cross body strap (not a skinny one) and the bag needs to be big enough for phone, brolly, hat, purse, sanitiser etc. I really do not like the following brands (they're nice enough but just not me) FOssil, Radley, LK Bennet etc. I'm a black dress and trainers girl! Can anyone recommend one? Am open to suggestions. Pleeeeeease! smile

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slipperyeel Thu 13-Aug-20 11:38:52

I know they’re not leather but le pliage are so strong and versatile

WehIstMir Thu 13-Aug-20 15:53:50

If you liked the Antony you might like this bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company: UK produced leather bag around £150 (10% off if you sign up for their emails) in lots of colours.

AmandaHoldensLips Thu 13-Aug-20 16:04:46

I am desperate for a really good cross body bag. I bought one (a really nice one!) from a gorgeous shop in Italy for my mother for her birthday. When I noticed she didn't use it, I asked her about it, and she said she didn't like it and had given it away to her hairdresser! GUTTED! I would have taken it back and got her something else.

Greenglassteacup Thu 13-Aug-20 16:07:54

The real leather satchel company do good cross body bags but even though they look lovely, I find that they are heavy without anything in them (but that might be just me )

Greenglassteacup Thu 13-Aug-20 16:09:38

Zengarden001 Thu 13-Aug-20 19:53:47

soupdragon321 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:17:02

Hi the Cambridge ones look lovely but are too heavy. I need one that is soft and supple as I carry quite a lot. Any other ideas ladies?

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soupdragon321 Sat 22-Aug-20 09:52:06

Bump x

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slipperyeel Sat 22-Aug-20 11:36:46

How about this?

All Saints are also good for a less prim bag and they have great sales.

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