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Bras again/sizing help

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Onacleardayyoucansee Wed 12-Aug-20 13:17:57

Measured with boob or bust.
They recommended 30F.
Got bravissimo full cup.

The band is on the tightest and could be tighter.
The cup is slightly loose but where the top of my breast is empty there is a pulling look to the material.
I think if the band was right the cup may be right?


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Cherrybakewellll Wed 12-Aug-20 13:19:18

I believe so.

Coincidentally I have received a bravissimo order today. It said I was a 32GG shock and to be fair the band feels fine but the cup is slightly lose at the top.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:25:08

What was the exact measurements?.

Onacleardayyoucansee Wed 12-Aug-20 13:27:07

Thanks for your reply
Apt user name for the bra thread 😁

Maybe need a different style such as balconette, being less volume in top?

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Onacleardayyoucansee Wed 12-Aug-20 13:28:10

My measurements fluffy?
29 tight
30 snug
Size 10

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Furball Wed 12-Aug-20 13:31:06

The cup size is relevant to the band size so a 28F is not the same cup volume as a 30F, so as the band size changes, so does the cup size.

For every band size you go down, you should go up one cup. If you are in a 34D with a good cup fit, but want to go down to a 32 band, you would go to a 32DD for a tighter band with the same cup fit. Likewise, if you were in a 34D and wanted to keep the cup fit, but get a looser band, you would want a size 36C.

Have you 'scooped' all boobage into the cup, sometimes they like to venture round the sides etc. So it's always advised to lean forward putting the bra on and then once on usher with the opposite hand by reaching in and getting everything up front.

Hopefully a bra guru will be along soon to give you more guidance

Onacleardayyoucansee Wed 12-Aug-20 13:36:05

Thanks all.

Measurements proper
29 tight. 30 snug
35 standing
37 leaning.

Yes did all the scraping @Furball.

I do not have one good bra that fits well.

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Furball Wed 12-Aug-20 13:41:19

so 30 F does sound right, it may be the cup style is not right.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:52:12

I’m 29 underbust but I wear a 28 band size.

Shesingsshangrila Wed 12-Aug-20 14:07:57

A full cup might not suit your breast shape which is why it's baggy at the top - try a different style and see if that's better.

CrystalMaisie Wed 12-Aug-20 14:19:13

It may be the style rather than the size that isn’t quite right. It’s a bit like buying shoes, you may be a size 4 in some and a 5 in others, and some styles never suit. I remember having a fitting once. I tried on 14 different bras, before finding the perfect one.

lindyloo57 Wed 12-Aug-20 19:02:15

Just brought 3 new bras, in john lewis sale, new brands for me so not sure how they fit, I was wearing 34 D, new ones are 32E one is a 34 DD so yes different brands fit differently,

StarlightLady Thu 13-Aug-20 06:45:33

I have recently discarded any bra that is not a perfect fit.

I now have a drawer full (and it is pretty full) of different brands, styles and colours that fit well. Interestingly though, they are not all the same size, with up to a 2 size cup variation and one size band difference. So, here lies the problem, the solution is another matter.

Furball Thu 13-Aug-20 07:32:06

I have found a brand - fantasie, that just fit everytime, so I keep my eyes peeled and stick with them then come the sales usually buy one or two for about £20 each.

Onacleardayyoucansee Thu 13-Aug-20 09:56:54

Did live chat with Bravissimo yesterday. I think I need to make time to have a good order (free returns) of styles and sizes and get some bras that fit.

Thanks all for chipping in

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