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Makeup buy and sell?

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curlytops21 Tue 11-Aug-20 22:55:08


I wondered if anyone can recomend a buy and sell group / website to sell two Glossier items (Cloud paint blushers) , which have only been swatched? I have tried to list on ebay but they seem to only be accepting brand new sealed items for sale at the moment, which i guess i can understand.

Any suggestions?


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curlytops21 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:33:28

Anyone? Thanks.

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lemonsandlimes123 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:37:49

I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy pre used makeup in this climate.

SunshineChatter Sat 15-Aug-20 16:17:46

I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy used make up full stop. Sorry.

curlytops21 Sat 15-Aug-20 17:13:39

Thanks. I wouldn't buy 'used' makeup either, but plenty of people do. And since these products have been swatched only, i figured i may as well try to pass them on.

There are still loads of listings on ebay. Just not sure how they managed that at the moment as i don't seem to have that option.

Anyway, no worries.

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TheMumblesofMumbledom Sat 15-Aug-20 17:19:47

I'd imagine you'd find one on Facebook, Beauty Pie have a sell and swap group.

applepineapple Sat 15-Aug-20 17:21:33

Depop is where I sell items

botemp Sat 15-Aug-20 17:22:00

There's a lot of makeup and cosmetics on Depop, think it's allowed to sell used/lightly swatched on there.

curlytops21 Sat 15-Aug-20 23:01:54

Thank you for the suggestions. I have never used Depop but will look into it now.

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HostessTrolley Sun 16-Aug-20 08:07:36

There are quite a few beauty related buy/sell/swap groups on Facebook

emmacat Sun 16-Aug-20 10:16:16

Vinted allows selling if used make up aswell

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