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Pulse hair removal

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bebanjo Tue 11-Aug-20 10:50:40

Hi, I have 14 year old daughter who wants a pulse light hair remover.
Iv never used one and know nothing about them. The instructions online say you need to shave first. Does that mean you have too?
You only shave once? You save every time you use the pulse light.

I have looked online, but it just leads to more confusion.

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purpledagger Tue 11-Aug-20 14:33:46

Do you mean a home laser hair remover?

If so, then yes, you have to shave the area first as the hair needs to be in the growth cycle for the hair to be destroyed (I think that's the reasons). I have laser hair removal at a clinic and I have before my treatments.

bebanjo Tue 11-Aug-20 18:23:25

The one with the flashing lights.
If you have to shave anyway, what’s the point of the lights?

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purpledagger Tue 11-Aug-20 19:42:20

Can you post a link?

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