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Where can I get a necklace like this?

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Tinks15 Mon 10-Aug-20 15:39:20

I really like Danielle Armstrong’s necklace which I’ve seen her wear on Instagram quite a lot. (Pic attached)
Does anyone know where I can get something similar to this?

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SuzieCarmichael Mon 10-Aug-20 15:43:11

Try Etsy

oceanbreezy Mon 10-Aug-20 18:12:08

Bloom boutique

chickenninja Mon 10-Aug-20 18:19:50

Ask her where it's from?

Tinks15 Mon 10-Aug-20 18:36:29

Thank you smile I will take a look on Etsy & bloom boutique.

@chickenninja i have already x

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FenellaMaxwell Mon 10-Aug-20 18:38:06

That looks like it might be a Posh Totty one.

FenellaMaxwell Mon 10-Aug-20 18:45:13

Here you go, think I found it -

LittleRa Mon 10-Aug-20 18:47:22

@FenellaMaxwell Just beat me to it, I was going to say try Merci Maman!

Tinks15 Mon 10-Aug-20 19:01:11

@FenellaMaxwell & @LittleRa you are both star’s thank you!

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susandelgado Mon 10-Aug-20 19:01:54

I got one similar for my daughter here:

TracyBeakerSoYeah Mon 10-Aug-20 19:02:32

Merci Maman
Beat me to it also
The stone is Green Onyx birth stone for May

Tinks15 Mon 10-Aug-20 19:44:39

@TracyBeakerSoYeah Yeah I love the green but my birth month is January - not that keen on the red. I’ll have a little browse to see if there are any other necklaces on there.

I guess I could always pretend my birthday is May 😆

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TracyBeakerSoYeah Mon 10-Aug-20 20:31:20

@Tinks15 be like The Queen & have 2 birthdays.
Your 'official birthday' can be May 5th grin

Luckingfovely Mon 10-Aug-20 20:42:49

Monica Vinader also has very similar styles.

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