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Refund from hairdresser

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pincushion91 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:36:36

So I had my hair coloured and cut on Saturday. It cost me £210 and its not what I asked for at all. I said at the time, it wasn't as light as I wanted and she said it would fade and could go lighter next time and will look different in different lights. I wished I had refused to pay at the time but I just wanted to get out of there, I am 31 weeks pregnant and I had sat there for 4 hours with a mask on. I wrote a complaint to the salon about an hour afterwards from home.

I asked for
And ended up with my hair just brown. You cannot see one blonde highlight in it. If you look at it, it looks like 2 different shades of brown.
They also charged me for a redesign when I only had about 2 inch off my hair?

Anyway I'm waiting to hear back from them as they aren't open till tomorrow. I would be very surprised if they dont offer to redo it but I dont want this, I just want my money back. I'm so angry about it and I dont want to sit there all that time again whilst pregnant. I also dont particularly want the same stylist as its embarrassing.

Do you think its unreasonable to ask for a refund and what do you think the likelihood of getting one is? Thanks

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dementedpixie Mon 10-Aug-20 10:39:46

Do you have a picture of your hair?

PicklePig31 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:41:13

Photo of your hair is needed so we can judge.

You should have also said something at the time.

pincushion91 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:48:54

Sorry not the easiest to take a picture

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MrsSpookyM Mon 10-Aug-20 10:51:27

Your photo looks more red than brown!

EvieFryer Mon 10-Aug-20 10:52:44

I had a similar experience before Christmas last year although I had an unhappy toddler with me, so just wanted to get out of there ASAP.

I spoke to the hairdresser the next day and they booked me in the day after to fix it. They did and I was happy. I had the same stylist too but I do know her quite well as I've been there for years. I did feel a little awkward at first so thanked her for coming in to fix it and it was okay.

I wouldn't necessarily write off them fixing it as you have to consider their time and products used on you. I can't see them offering you a full refund unless it's completely awful (and I mean awful) and nothing at all what you wanted. It sounds like parts of your hair just aren't as light as you wanted (which would be easily rectified)

Annoying though, especially being pregnant and having a mask on for that length of time. Either way, hope you get it sorted.

dementedpixie Mon 10-Aug-20 10:53:13

I dont see any sort of highlights tbh. And it does look red

GrumpyHoonMain Mon 10-Aug-20 10:57:02

Your hair doesn’t look right in the photo but it could be the lighting

dancemom Mon 10-Aug-20 10:57:16

Dis they actually put highlights in your hair?

pincushion91 Mon 10-Aug-20 10:58:19

It isn't anything like I asked for. I just wish I'd refused to pay, I'm angry at myself now for not having the courage to speak up at the time.

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EvieFryer Mon 10-Aug-20 10:59:36

Just realised you posted a pic, It definitely has a reddish tone!

MissMarks Mon 10-Aug-20 10:59:44

Your hair looks to be naturally dark- would be hard to get it to blond first go without a lot of bleach- I think they prefer to do it gradually

pincushion91 Mon 10-Aug-20 11:03:21

When I had the consultation, I said, I dont know whether its baylayge that I need or highlights and she said highlights with something they call an ombre glaze.
They put highlights all through it and it looked very blonde and streaky and she said to me at that point, dont worry, we now do the ombre glaze and she picked 2 colours for this, a darker one at the top and lighter at the bottom. I said to her at that point, will those colours be light enough because they were both a shade of brown and she said yes.
Anyway when it was done, there was just no difference. I feel like she must have misjudged the colours

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bornninthe80s Mon 10-Aug-20 11:04:11

Agree with others to ask to get it fixed. I did that before (with a stylist if used for ages and still use) and was much happier afterwards smile my hair had been too dark at the roots and they did a bleach bath which sounded terrifying but it was a minute with bleach in my hair while at the sink and it solved the issue straight away. Not sure if they'll use bleach while you're pregnant but just to say don't be worried about your hair if they do.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Astrabees Mon 10-Aug-20 11:17:52

I had a similar experience at Toni and Guy some years ago. I ended up with a granny bob and hardly any highlights, despite being told they would do lots and in three colours. I complained before I left, they just looked awkward, so I paid up and immediately regretted it. It was only after some correspondence which ended in me threatening county court proceedings and to stand outside their shop with a placard ( no, I would not have done) that I got a refund in full. letting ;them try to fix it is the easier option but if you are really determined you can get a refund.

SospanFrangipan Mon 10-Aug-20 11:22:44

The picture you wanted is balayage! That's what I have done, and unfortunately they haven't done it! I would question whether the hairdresser is trained in it to be honest!

loveskaka Mon 10-Aug-20 11:28:15

Looks like a chestnut brown

lemonsandlimes123 Mon 10-Aug-20 11:50:40

To be fair to the hairdresser the pic you linked to is just brown hair of varying shaded, there isn't any blond in it. If your hair has any reddish undertones any lifting will likely come out as redder rather than blonder./ashier unless you completely strip the colour first. It sounds like they did the highlights but you feel the toner/glaze they put over it was too dark. The hairdresser is right the glaze will fade fairly quickly but it will likely be reddish rather than a cool brown like the link.

Fletchings Mon 10-Aug-20 11:56:37

you paid £210 for that? Glad I am sticking to box dye which looks just as good.

Pet8 Mon 10-Aug-20 12:18:45

I paid £35 for hi lites and lo lites, cut, wash & blow at the weekend. My hair is still in good condition 2 days later.
I'm gobsmacked you paid that much.

MonsteraCheeseplant Mon 10-Aug-20 12:26:57

I've paid that much before, it's usually for one of the most senior stylists though.

I would expect them to correct it with a more senior stylist, i doubt you'll get a refund tbh.

IveHadEnoughNowArgh Mon 10-Aug-20 12:30:05

Also horrified that that cost £210. Agree that your naturally dark hair may not have been able to lighten in one go but the hairdresser should have advised you of that possibility...especially for £210! Christ, I would expect her to have at least advised you on how many sessions to expect or given you a warning for that money!

IveHadEnoughNowArgh Mon 10-Aug-20 12:31:22

Pet8 your hair looks amazing! And how cheap?! What OP asked for would have cost me around £90 at my salon.

Cosmos45 Mon 10-Aug-20 12:32:19

@pet8 - Where on earth do you live?

Just a colour here (tint to cover grey) is £80 and a cut and colour like the OP's would be roughly £150-£200.

The only time I paid £35 ish was about 25 years ago and for a cut/blow only. I am in Surrey.

dementedpixie Mon 10-Aug-20 12:34:40

I paid £60 for highlights/lowlights and a cut last week. I'm in Scotland and just go to a local independent hairdresser

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