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Salt sprays for hair

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polyhymnia Sun 09-Aug-20 21:43:50

My hair has decided to be so wild and frizzy in the current heat, I’m thinking of going with it and using a salt spray - which previously I’ve only done for beach holidays. Recommendations, please, for the best. Not too bothered about the price. Thanks.

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OhRosalind Sun 09-Aug-20 21:54:48

Kérastase Eau de vagues (technically sugar not salt but has the same effect) is amazing, John Freida’s sea waves spray is good but not as great as the version I used in the 90s! I don’t rate Bumble&Bumble surf spray or the Toni and Guy one, made my dry hair sticky and matted.

polyhymnia Sun 09-Aug-20 23:56:10

The Kerastase sounds a great one to try. Any other suggestions?

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handysandy Mon 10-Aug-20 06:12:28

I use this one from tigi its really good and a very handy size to put in your bag and carry around for the day.

stayathomer Mon 10-Aug-20 06:16:54

Aussie had a great one but I havent seen it this year ... that's not much help, think it was called beach waves

Ginfordinner Mon 10-Aug-20 06:23:14

DD likes the one from Lush.

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