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What will a peel do?

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clumsychump Sat 08-Aug-20 21:07:03

Mid 50's, usual wrinkles and quite a few brown spots.
I'm late to retinol but started with Dermatica and decent sun screen in February and I think there's an improvement.
A friend rates peels, is it worth it?

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clumsychump Sun 09-Aug-20 08:55:51

Bump for top skin experts. The one I've found is £85, that's the price of a couple of bits of high end skin creams

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Minta85 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:10:17

I had a 40% mandelic acid peel earlier this year. It caused a huge acne purge on my chin and jaw that lasted for two months. The peel didn’t hurt at all but I felt quite unwell for a few days afterwards. My skin did feel softer but in a more vulnerable way as this was due to damage. I wouldn’t have another, or would maybe try home peels at a lower acid percentage.

Other people will have a completely different experience of course, but I think peels are something to approach with caution if your body is generally sensitive.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:14:01

If your going to do it don’t fanny around with at home peels, go to a doctor run clinic and have a proper TCA peel done by a dr.

You’ll need a very high factor sunblock afterwards.

Tamtam86 Sun 09-Aug-20 09:42:32

I've just recently started using the ordinary 10 minute peel , it's less than £10 and has really good reviews so I thought worth a try!

It definitely leaves my skin feeling very smooth, but I think I'll need to use it a few more times to really decide what I think of it!

clumsychump Sun 09-Aug-20 12:18:19

Thanks for the replies. The clinic is a beauty clinic but specialises in skin. I might wait until the autumn when there's less risk of sunburn.

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