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Hair dyed red and I want to go light brown

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unmarkedbythat Fri 07-Aug-20 17:01:41

My hair is naturally mid brown, currently dyed dark red. I want to go to light brown, mostly because I've started to get more greys- they're really obvious against dark red hair and I don't think they would be if it was light brown. I also quite like my greys and when they are a bit more dispersed and not all in one odd clump at the top, would like to ditch dye altogether- and I imagine the transition to no dye would be smoother if it were light brown rather than dark red.

Can I risk slapping a light brown dye on straight over the red, or do I need to use Colour B4 or similar first? I'd going to go for a warmer light brown rather than an ashier one anyway- do you think it would work, or I do have to be not- lazy and strip the old colour first?

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cantsaynotocake Fri 07-Aug-20 17:18:18

Red is such a stubborn colour to shift. Home hair colours in brunette colours always come out much darker, which would be equally as difficult to lift. A colour change like this is really damaging and unpredictable to do yourself. I know it would be costly to go to a salon but Maybe you could look into being a hair model in a salon as it's much cheaper and would be corrected should it go wrong x

JollyGiraffe12 Fri 07-Aug-20 17:26:06

Strip the colour first as red is a bugger to get rid of then choose a light brown shade that is lighter than you actually want it as brown dyes always end up coming out darker than you intended. I wouldn’t go for a warm shade if that isn’t what you actually want as your hair will likely still have warm tones in it anyway so I’d go neutral.

unmarkedbythat Fri 07-Aug-20 18:34:40

cantsaynotocake money is so very tight- DH just been made redundant- but I will look into that, I once had a haircut at a college salon which took a very long time but which I absolutely loved, so it's worth a think about smile

JollyGiraffe12 I do want a warmer shade, but maybe I should go for a neutral brown to start with in case it's too warm in the end?

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