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Dermatica - taken the plunge, how long for results?

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Thingsarel00kingup Thu 06-Aug-20 15:12:55

After reading loads about various skincare on here, including Dermatica, I've finally signed up and been prescribed Tretinoin/Hydroquinone.

I know it's a long term treatment and I am going to be patient BUT - if you use(d) it please can you share how long it took to see an improvement and what those improvements were.

Thank you 😊

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timetest Thu 06-Aug-20 15:42:21

I started using retin a (tretinoin) about 30ish years ago and I remember seeing visible results after 3 months. I had had bad acne in my teens and twenties and although the spots had cleared, I was left with scaring. After tretinoin, my skin started looking fresher and skating rink smooth.

Acouple of months back I noticed a couple of small age spots and Dermatica recommenced I use tretinoin with niacinImide. That now seems to have blitzed them.

I’ve used it for decades and my skin looks about 10 to 15 years younger than my age.

andmeee Thu 06-Aug-20 15:55:13

I've been prescribed the same combination and have been using it since the end of April. I have seen a good improvement with the pigmentation issues I've been having but I'm yet to see much of an improvement with my mild acne.

Going to keep at it though smile

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:41:15

I’d say 3 months minimum.

cloud1183 Thu 06-Aug-20 18:01:58

I signed up last Sunday and have just recieved my first order. I have adapalene, clindamycin and niacinamide for my acne prone skin. I've just applied it and it didn't sting or anything but I have thrown so much powerful ingredients onto my skin in the hope of defeating my zits that it's quite resilient.

I was wondering though, how often should I apply my regime? I was thinking every other night but would it hurt doing it every night?

Thingsarel00kingup Thu 06-Aug-20 18:22:46

Thanks for all the replies, they're really encouraging! I have an old-lady forehead and teenage chin, haha. Awful mix of wrinkles and zits 😢 (but loving having to wear a mask, hides the spots so well 🤣

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MolotovMocktail Thu 06-Aug-20 20:43:51

I’m just about to start my third month, same formulation as you (but stepped up strength in second month). To be honest I can’t discern any difference. I have quite a few brown splodges of pigmentation which I don’t think have faded at all really, bit disappointed but I’ll persevere a bit longer.

Paddingtonthebear Thu 06-Aug-20 20:51:28

Is anyone using Dermatica for forehead lines and frown lines between the eyebrows?

Tillytess Thu 06-Aug-20 21:05:45

Ive been using Dermatica (treitonin and niacinamide) for 3 months now, use it every other night. Not a great difference yet but prepared to persevere a bit longer

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 07-Aug-20 08:30:22

I’d email and ask how long to give it @Tillytess, I’d want some improvement after 3 months.

timetest Fri 07-Aug-20 09:15:53

Tillyness if you have had no adverse reaction, could you ramp it up to every night or 5 nights a week?

timetest Fri 07-Aug-20 09:16:58

Sorry Tillytess not Tillyness

SilverOtter Thu 20-Aug-20 22:43:24

I've recently started using Dermatica too (only about a month ago so can't really discern any difference yet).

For all you fellow Dermatica users, I was wondering - where in your night time regime do you use the Dermatica cream? Do you put it on freshly cleansed skin and then put serum/moisturiser on top of it? Or do you put the Dermatica cream on top of your serum and moisturiser?

TableNiner Thu 20-Aug-20 23:38:16

The woman at Dermatica told me to cleanse my face, dry it well, apply the cream, then wait 20 mins before applying a LIGHT moisturiser. I use it every night.

Tret is a real commitment, it’s taken me a year to really get on with it.

Allthesausagerolls Thu 20-Aug-20 23:50:09

I've been using it since February and have really started to notice a difference recently. I think the key thing with it is I'm super cautious with the sunscreen and always wear a wide brimmed hat in the sunshine. I've got a good factor 50 that I reapply every few hours (even when it's a gloomy day). I don't think there's any point using tret unless you're prepared to commit to serious sun protection.

Allthesausagerolls Thu 20-Aug-20 23:53:49

@SilverOtter you can do either, hydrators put on first will act as a "buffer", its usual for people to start with moisturizer first then once you've acclimatized apply the tret first.

SilverOtter Fri 21-Aug-20 08:15:28

@Allthesausagerolls thank yousmile

KurriKawari Wed 16-Sep-20 20:35:38

The moisturiser I use has SPF so do I still need to use a sunscreen please.

Inspirationpending Wed 16-Sep-20 20:47:10

I’m 2 months in and def feel like my skin is brighter.
Must upload some more photos on the website for comparison

KurriKawari Wed 16-Sep-20 21:03:13

I'm never sure if I am putting enough on or too much. Really need this to work.

paastumho Wed 16-Sep-20 22:19:40

are you all paying £20 a month for this?

funtimefrank Wed 16-Sep-20 22:53:06

I got my first month free.

Been using for a few weeks and seem to be purging atm. Joy.

I would say my pores are looking better even at this early stage.

sunkengalleon Wed 16-Sep-20 23:09:33

I'm on the same combination as you and have really noticed a difference in tone- my skin is much clearer and more glowy. Not as sure about lines yet but it's only been and couple of months. I've been using it nightly and no irritation.

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