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Hush lookalikes

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Bluewavescrashing Mon 03-Aug-20 10:59:41

£16 from TU at Sainsburys but only online. There's also a lightning bolt top which is quite Hush-esque.

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L8Bloomer Mon 03-Aug-20 11:24:36

Agree, was in the supermarket the other day and was reminded of hush

They need to up their game. (Not the supermarket)

Bluewavescrashing Mon 03-Aug-20 12:00:43

Yes, if Hush were good quality I'd be OK with spending £60 on a top like this but as it stands, I'll be buying copies from supermarkets!

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tigerbear Wed 05-Aug-20 20:04:17

Randomly, I looked on the Debenhams website last night, and they had loads of similar stuff. I bought about 9 items for £110 in their sale! Spotted a jumper with a star on that looked like Hush.
They do a brand called Kley that I’d never heard of which looks really incredible. Not sure if it’s an own brand, like Kin by John Lewis.. I bought some flat leather very ‘luxe’ looking shoes for about £19.

tigerbear Wed 05-Aug-20 20:05:24

Tbh I’m not sure why people continue to buy Hush. I bought about 5 things from them a few years ago, and never again! Worst quality I’ve ever seen, worse than Primark.

apairofblueeyes001 Thu 06-Aug-20 10:15:46

I totally agree with the low quality of Hush. I ordered a couple of items recently and the quality was awful - I had to return both purchases. I certainly don't mind paying extra but I was very disappointed.

Sooverthemill Thu 06-Aug-20 10:45:02

Hush quality is very variable. I buy quite a lot from them and only had two tees ever that were bad very fast. Jumpers,trousers, jeans sweatshirts and dresses all fab but I do go for natural fabrics always. I send a lot back!

Abeilles Thu 06-Aug-20 11:29:12

I've found their t shirts to be shoddy quality, shape is lost after a few washes on delicate cycle and holes appear where they sit on your Jean button/ zip.
I find the same with their jumpers too - easily lose shape after a handful of washes. At around 70-90 a jumper this isn't acceptable.
I've found dresses to be ok and some of their jackets/coats.

I'm also so bored with their vanity sizing and variation between garments. A size guide chart with measurements would be so useful and save me always ordering two sizes and sending one back.

I was a big fan of hush but the quality and sizing issues have frustrated me, and more recently I've not seen anything I must buy. Their autumn pre look email this morning was really underwhelming

EmberElftree Thu 06-Aug-20 11:43:07

I bought Hush black leggings which faded so quickly and a t-shirt in the sale which I love but it makes my armpits smell funny! It's 100% cotton so maybe it's the dye they use, it still smells even though it's been washed a lot.

I like the stripy sleeves on that jumper @Bluewavescrashing

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