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Could I please have some outfit ideas/suggestions please. Feeling down :(

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bostonbaby Sun 02-Aug-20 19:51:07

Hi everyone,

First time posting on this board and looking for some ideas if anybody likes that sort of thing smile

I am absolutely peppered for clothes, I have been through my wardrobes today and I have nothing. It is all either super formal office wear (just been made redundant) or it doesn't fit/bobbly/ not in fashion at all.

I am 30 years old, a size 16 apple shaped and 5'10 but loosing weight and I have about £200 to spare to see me through the summer, so need a few things to wear but don't want to invest too much just yet.

I like dresses, don't mind leggings but cannot stand jeans. Live in the very rainy northwest so although I like sandals, I look a plank wearing them as it often rains while I'm out. I have some nice white nizzas if any dresses look nice with those? But don't mind buying some shoes too.

I have been looking at boohoo and that sort of thing in plus size. Is it any good? I am blonde blue eyes, suit stronger, darker, brighter colours, navy, grey, blue over pastels ( I think) I love leopard print too

I am just feeling so fat and frumpy and old and can't bear the thought of going out

Thanks If anybody has got this far

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