Jeans somewhere between skinny and straight

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hawleybits Sat 01-Aug-20 19:23:39

My favourite pair of old jeans are not exactly skinny but neither are they too wide at the ankle. I'm small 8/10 and need a 28 inside leg.
I cannot, for the life of me, find another perfect pair and have brought home another three pairs today that will be returned because they're too skinny. Straight legs are usually too wide for my short little legs!
I don't mind jeggings (hate that word) or other casual trousers if anyone has any ideas where I can look.

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cansu Sat 01-Aug-20 19:28:31

I have just bought a pair of cropped Carrie jeans today from marks. Lovely soft stretchy fabric. They seemed to have various lengths.

Bluntness100 Sat 01-Aug-20 19:31:51

Have you tried g star? I just got these and they are not skinny and not straight, not sure what the budget is but these are really flattering.

hawleybits Sat 01-Aug-20 22:25:15

I have a pair of M&S jeans/jeggings that aren't bad but they're a bit too stretchy and they do that horrible wrinkly caterpillar thing around your thighs.
G Star are v pricy but have good reviews. They're often in TKMaxx, so I might look in there to see what they have.

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PurpleDaisies Sat 01-Aug-20 22:26:24

M and s sienna straight are my favourite jeans.

RedStreetMonument Sat 01-Aug-20 22:36:19

Next do a slim which is between skinny and straight.

CrocusPocus Sun 02-Aug-20 08:10:26

Next used to do a "cigarette" style jean which was similar to what you're describing. I don't know if they still do them, though.

skippy67 Sun 02-Aug-20 08:12:18

M&S Lily jeans might be what you're looking for.

LoeliaPonsonby Sun 02-Aug-20 08:13:16

M&S have loads of different styles - I like the Sienna as mentioned above. You can order a whole load and then return the ones that don’t work.

I was also pleasantly surprised by a pair of girlfriend jeans from Tu which were only £16 so it may be worth checking out their other styles.

Annebronte Sun 02-Aug-20 08:32:07

Levi 724 high waist straight leg.

Iliketeaagain Sun 02-Aug-20 08:38:14

Another recommendation for "slim" fit from next, not wide on the leg, but not skinny either.

Doje Sun 02-Aug-20 08:40:57

Yep, I'm also here to recommend the 'Slim' pair from Next. 👍

Sexnotgender Sun 02-Aug-20 08:49:01

Boden skinny sound like they fit the bill. Not their super skinny.

WinnieLo Sun 02-Aug-20 10:32:12

Mint velvet and Baukjen both had tapered jeans last time I looked. Im looking for straight leg jeans that vere slightly towards being a bit tapered.

I'm so scared of all these wide leg trousers. Being short, skinnies were so flattering on me, and now I have to be so careful.

I wore bootleg jeans in the 90s and they weren't so unflattering for shorter people but these voluminous wide leg trousers would make me look so ridiculous. :-(

motherofgod2 Sun 02-Aug-20 10:33:35

Next relaxed skinny but size down as they come up big

Longtalljosie Sun 02-Aug-20 10:34:48

Next also do relaxed skinny which is probably exactly what you’re looking for

WinnieLo Sun 02-Aug-20 10:38:19

I take back my suggestion of baukjen, right now, all their jeans are those flared cut offs.

Zalando is great, they have good filters. You can search for anything and everything on that site.

hawleybits Mon 03-Aug-20 00:35:24

Oh brilliant! Lots of suggestions to look at. I had a pair of Next relaxed Skinny jeans and they are great down the leg and not stretchy but very short rise, which I find really uncomfortable as I don't like my pants showing at the back grin

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Sexnotgender Mon 03-Aug-20 00:52:51

If you want more of a mid rise definitely check out the Boden skinny then.

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