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OMG Please help me. I need something great to wear to a wedding..

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Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 17:45:29

I haven't quite lost all my baby weight and am having a huge confidence crisis.

I completely forgot I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and have nothing to wear. Its a really close friend's wedding ( have even thought about cancelling as am dreading having to get something new sad)

Mojo- where's that gone then?

I wondered about a dress?

found one on the M&S website that I thought could look good with opaque tights and mary janes?

I'm currently a size 16 big norks- good ish legs- non exisistant waist right now blush


Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 17:48:37

this is the dress:


JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 17:56:04

Afraid it might not be the most flattering for the norkssad. But worth a try - just order a couple of others just in case, I think.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 17:59:03

Empire line good for lack of waist, but you'd need a shrug/jacket/good arms (at least 2 out of 3).

Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 18:01:28

Oh, I thought the seqiuns might detract.

I have a feelin hat if we do go I'll be wearing a swimming costume,combat trousers,balaclava and stilettoes. sad

Anybody seen any lovely dresses that are not low cut. Maybe not even a dress...oh tits...

Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 18:03:37

Jackie that is really lovely but I'm not sure what I'd wear it with.

I wanted some opaguey tights I think. It's going to be pretty cold and my bare legs would look shocking atm.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 18:12:10

OK - same sort of shape, but a lower neckline (though it might not work - V-necks are best for flattering larger norks). I like this too - the ruching over the body should be very flattering.

janeiteofthelivingdead Mon 01-Oct-07 18:16:38

Love the new name Jackie - and that red dress is very nice indeed. I imagine it could be worn with opaques, lovely black heels (patent maybe) and a black jacket with fake fur collar - very 1940s siren!

janeiteofthelivingdead Mon 01-Oct-07 18:18:56

Quite like this too and it has a v neck.. But maybe the pattern is a bit too loud?

Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 18:29:38

I'm not sure I like either- feel free to shout fussy cow and leg it.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 18:35:03

No - it's fine, it's such a subjective thingsmile. How about this - bit like the first one, but with a deeper neck?

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 18:35:46

Ooh - this is gorgeous, but it's a love it or hate it one, I suspect.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 18:38:30

Quite plain, but could work?

Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 21:18:40

Jackie thanks- the clarice one stands out so far.

The blue knitted one shock that would make me look horrid I can tell.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 21:20:41

Might cling in all the wrong placessad. Are you going to do a mass order, or head out and try stuff on in rl? HOpe you find something you like.

norkmaiden Mon 01-Oct-07 21:21:45

Megg, not keen on the one you originally posted, but have swooned at this this really similar one.

Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 21:32:12

Hi Norks- yes I looked at the embellished one too. I did like it.

I have a few hours tomorrow to try things on. I want to lessen the running around which is why I am frantically looking this evening.

I am dreading looking in the changing room mirror sad

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 21:33:23

Hey - if they don't work, it's the fault of the dresses, not your body.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Mon 01-Oct-07 21:39:35


Megglevampire Mon 01-Oct-07 21:43:36

Nope, but I do like it. IYKWIM.

like this but would have to try it on

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